The Benefits Of Installing A Modernised Hand Dryer At Home


If you’ve made a habit of blissfully spending money on paper towels month after month, it’s probably safe to say that you haven’t taken an in-depth look at the ramifications of prolonged paper towel usage.

In this regard, it’s important to cognise that for every tonne of paper towels used…

  • upwards of 24,000 litres of water are polluted and contaminated
  • almost 20 fully-developed trees are cut down and harvested to continue production
  • more than 1800 litres of oil are burned to manufacture the next tonne of tissue products
  • upwards of 160 litres of gasoline are expended

As you might imagine by now, paper towel waste represents a huge drain on not only our pocketbooks but also on our precious environment as well. Due to the fact that contemporary paper towel products are non-biodegradable, they account for inordinate amounts of waste in today’s landfills in addition to an excessive volume of harmful incineration fumes to boot.

Something has to change.

The Benefits of Hand Dryers

If you’d like to put on your eco-friendly hat and finally eliminate the need for paper towels, it’s in your best interests to take a long, hard look at buying a hand dryer for your home. But before you order one of these modernised implements, it’s worth your while to ascertain the specific benefits and advantages of such a decision:

  • Better Hygiene: Touch-free residential hand dryers go a long way towards reducing cross-contamination but the real sanitary benefit is the accompanying decrease in waste buildup. You’ll no longer have to refill paper towel dispensers or deal with unreasonable amounts of refuse in your receptacles, which greatly reduces the spread of bacteria and establishes a more desirable washroom aesthetic as well.
  • Cost Savings: Per 1000 dries, you’ll spend approximately £22 on paper towels, whereas hand dryers only cost about £2.50 to operate for the same usage. Additionally, you’ll also be spending less on trash bags to supply your wastebaskets, which further reinforces the affordability matrix.
  • Carbon Footprint: According to various climate conservancy groups, the manufacturing costs of producing paper towels extend far beyond the raw materials, required labour, and delivery provisions. From beginning to end, paper towels account for 56g of greenhouse gas emissions while hand dryers are responsible for less than 40g of the same discharges during production.
  • Upfront Cost: If you partner with a reputable electrical wholesaler, you’ll be able to purchase an eco-friendly but powerful residential hand dryer for less than £70, which implies that you’ll be able to install these amazing implements in your kitchen and every restroom without tearing a hole through your wallet along the way. If you effect a corresponding reduction in paper towel purchases, your new hand dryer will essentially pay for itself within just several months.

With this enlightening guide at your disposal, you can confidently make the switch from wasteful paper towels to a new-age residential hand dryer.

So get started on your research as soon as possible; Mother Earth is waiting patiently!

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