Drink Up: 5 Well Water Benefits


Seventy percent of the world is made up of it! As a matter of fact, 70% of your body is made up of it! Of course, we are talking about life-giving water!

There is an ongoing debate as to whether well water is better than city water. The answer to that is deceptively simple: it depends! Whether you consider your health more important than convenience or finances could have an immense effect on your side of this debate.

It’s certain, though, that well water benefits deserve our attention before we can make a well-rounded decision.

So let’s begin by look at two pros and cons of well water before looking at three undeniable advantages.

Well Water Pros and Cons

Well water will save you money in the long term. Naturally, there will be installation costs like the digging of the well and the cost of a pressure tank installation. But this cost pales in comparison to the money saved on monthly bills over the years!

However, well water takes more maintenance when it comes to caring for its purity, quantity, and pressure. If not properly cared for, well water can become very unsuitable to drink.

On the flip side of things, if well water is cared for and treated, it can be miles better than city water. Well water contains a fraction of the chemicals found in city water.

That said, well owners are more quickly affected by droughts. Due to the limited source, water can’t be taken advantage of in the same way that residents who rely on the city can. Bigger jobs involving large quantities of water may be a challenge in the event of a drought.

Is Well Water Better for You?

There may be a subjective factor to the city vs. well debate, but it’s safe to say that when it enters the realms of health benefits, there is no competition!

If well water is well cared for and maintained, we can confidently say that, by far, well water is one of the best available water sources for drinking. There are also two more health benefits!

Is Well Water Good for Your Hair?

Due to the lack of chemicals used in well water, you can be sure that your hair is receiving the treatment it deserves.

The right amount of minerals in well water promotes strength and body. It’s important for washing your hair that water has the “Goldilocks Factor”: not too hard, not too soft, but just right!

Is Well Water Good for Your Skin?

To amend the old saying: You are what you drink!

Water is vital for hydrating our skin. Again, because of the pure state of well water, you can be confident that your skin is getting the goodness it needs in every shower and glass alike!

Well Water Benefits and You

If we are 70% water, then that means the kind of what we choose to drink makes up 70% of who we are! It’s quite a sobering thought, right?

The city water vs. well water will continue to rage on. There are certainly advantages to city water, but the cost of ignoring well water benefits could be far more expensive than we’d want to admit.

Many stay with city water. Many invest in a well. Some even do both! The big takeaway is this: Water is life. And how we see it is, in essence, how we see ourselves!

So, what’s your verdict on this debate?

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