Bamboo Floors – Strategies for Minor Repairs


Whenever you made the decision on bamboo floors you’d most likely have thought about two factors that expected the scales in support of bamboo. Which could be strength and resilience. But the reality is: however hard a flooring you select, there’s always the chance that some problem can harm the floor. Which is true for hardwood and bamboo floors.

Actually, should you compare, hardwood and bamboo floors are really pretty similar. Which means they are prone to similar type of damages. And they’re virtually fixed in he same manner. These damages could be anything. It may be some major structural damage or it may be something very minor as liquid spills.

Since bamboo is on of the very most structurally strong flooring, options are you won’t encounter any major damages in a number of years. They are created to last decades. It’s the minor damages that frequently play spoilsport. In the following paragraphs we intend to discuss how to approach the minor problems. However, before we begin we have to help remind you that for just about any specific problem it is advisable to make contact with the maker for the best answer.

Kids and Pets

Spills, waste and puddles are members of any home with kids and pets. A person always has to b extra careful using the children around because they are unlikely to become grateful for the value of the bamboo floor. That is included with age.

Children are recognized to spill and drop as well as your pets may cause lots of scratches towards the floor. They do not mean to, however they do. And often grown ups will also be responsible for shedding things. The simplest option would be to wipe them back. Only remember to make use of cleansers which are developed particularly for urethane-finished flooring. For harder stains, clean two times.

Keep in mind to shut trim their nails of the pet. That will prevent them from departing scratch marks in your bamboo floors.


Minor burns from cigarettes and matches could be easily wiped off utilizing a similar cleaner. For major burns though, you might have to switch the entire plank.

Gum and Wax

If in some way gum or wax has dripped onto the ground, create take it off immediately. Rather, put an ice bag within the affected place as well as in a couple of hrs the gum or even the wax can come off by itself with no marks is going to be left on the ground.

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