7 Major Signs You Need a Fencing Repair


Overall, fences are strong and perseverant entities. However, because they’re almost perpetually exposed to weathering and physical trauma, they tend to take on damage from time to time.

In fact, a fence that’s properly installed can last 25 to 50 years. But what happens if your fence needs repairs? And how can you tell when fencing repair is required? There are a number of different signs to look out for, all of which we’re going to discuss now.

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1. Your Fence Is Warped

A sure sign that you need fence repair is that your fence is warped. In other words, its individual panels are curved and wavy. This occurs due to water exposure, usually over the span of decades and decades.

Though this sign is most common in wood fences, it can occur in vinyl fences and composite fences as well. In some cases, it can be repaired with spot panel replacements. In other words, the repair technician can keep the fence going by replacing only the damaged panels.

However, if all of the panels have become warped, there will be no choice but to replace the fence entirely. Failure to do so will result in the fence falling apart, probably sooner rather than later.

Regardless, you should call up your local fencing repair company. They’ll assess the problem and make the necessary repair.

2. Your Fence Is Cracked

Another sign that you need fence repair is that your fence is cracked. Once a fence becomes cracked, it becomes more susceptible to dry rot. As such, it’s vital to fix cracks as quickly as possible.

Small cracks can be fixed with a typical wood or vinyl filler. This is just a liquid substance that you push into the crack. It dries and then blends in with the rest of the fence.

For more severe cracks, panels will need to be removed entirely and then replaced with new panels. You could potentially do this on your own, though you’re better off putting it in the hands of the best fencing repair company in your area.

3. Your Fence Is Rusty

Have a metal fence? If so, it’s rust that you need to look out for. Over time, corrosion can eat through the entirety of a metal fence post, causing it to eventually snap off and fall to the ground.

Therefore, the second you notice rust presenting itself on your chain link, wrought iron, or steel fence, you need to take action. If the rusting is just surface level, you can get rid of it yourself with a liquid rust remover. Apply the remover, let it sit for a while, and then wipe it off with a hard-wire brush.

If the rust is deep, you’ll be best served by calling in a fencing repair service. They’ll probably have to remove portions of the fence and then replace them with new components. However, once they’re done, the fence will look and perform like new.

4. Your Fence Has Faded

If you have a vinyl or composite fence, color fading is a risk. This generally occurs within 2 to 3 decades. Unfortunately, once these materials fade, there’s little you can do to return them to their former aesthetic glory.

So, you can either live with them in their faded state or replace them entirely. Opting to do the former can harm the look of your property. As such, many opt for the latter option.

Who do you call when you’re ready to replace your faded fence? A local fencing company, of course. To find one, simply type “top fence companies near me” into Google; this will return a large list of them from which you can pick your favorite.

5. There Are Nails Coming Out of Your Fence

Another sign that it might be time for a fence replacement is that there are nails coming out of your fence. This usually occurs over the span of decades and decades, and typically spells the end of a fence’s functionality.

Now, this isn’t to say that you couldn’t remove the nails and add new ones. You could. However, your fence will never look the same as it did when it was first installed.

So, if you want that fresh aesthetic, you have only one option: you have to replace your fence entirely. Your local fencing company can help you with the replacement.

6. There Are Posts or Panels Missing from Your Fence

Over the course of time, posts and panels from your fence are bound to go missing. Whether it’s from heavy winds, physical trauma, or otherwise, it’s eventually going to lead to a replacement.

In the short term, with only a few missing panels, you can just make spot replacements. In other words, you can replace individual posts and panels. However, as more and more posts and panels go missing, you’ll eventually have to decide to replace your fence in its entirety, lest your fence starts to look shoddy and inconsistent.

Regardless, you should call up your local fence company. They’ll help you determine the best course of action and then set it into motion.

7. Your Fence Is Rotting

The last sign that you need to replace your fence is that your fence is rotting. This occurs with wood fences, specifically, and is a sign that your fence has been exposed to too much water over the years. Once dry rot sets in, it’s essentially impossible to stop.

The only way to combat dry rot on your fence is to replace affected panels. As such, if the majority of the fence is rotting, you’ll need to replace it in its entirety.

Fencing Repair Can Keep Your Fence Going for Decades

When it comes to the lifespan of a fence, fencing repair can make a world of difference. By repairing damage in a timely manner, you can prolong the use of your fence by as much as decades. This can save you substantial time and money and is well worth the effort.

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