Pro Tip on to Move Heavy Furniture by Yourself


Hiring professional movers isn’t something that anyone can afford, that’s why you likely settled with doing everything on your own. But there are tricky endeavors related to moving that will require more work. One of these is moving heavy furniture.

To make DIY moves and lifting heavy furniture much easier, here are some pro tips for you.

Plan ahead

Besides stress, there’s a risk of moving any heavy furniture by yourself. By that, it means you’re only with a friend or a family – no professionals to help you.

When you DIY, there’s a risk of getting injured since you don’t know the right method of packing and loading heavy stuff to a truck. There’s also the risk of damaging the furniture itself or part of your house. Plus, your stuff could also get damaged during the move itself.

That said, plan your move ahead of time. Research the best way to pack fragile items and how to load them on a truck to avoid damages.

Also, know which items should be loaded first and which ones should go last.

Disassemble first

Disassemble any furniture that can be disassembled. Make sure you work on one furniture before jumping to another, so you don’t mess up parts, especially small screws. However, remember to stop trying to remove anything that isn’t designed to be removed.

When packing the parts, cover each one with a bubble wrap and label them so you know where they would go. Pack all the parts in the same box to avoid confusion.

Measure your furniture

The lifting isn’t exactly the hardest part of moving furniture. It’s actually getting them in and out of doors especially when your furniture can’t be disassembled.

To avoid problems while lifting furniture like couches, make sure you measure it first and see how it fits through doors. If it’s a little tricky, assess the best possible way to maneuver it out of the door. You might have to work on tilting it or getting it out lengthwise.

Get useful equipment

There are several types of equipment you can buy or rent to help you move a heavier equipment. Here are the following:

  • Lifting straps – These are simple devices that can help take the weight off your hands and arms and make lifting easier.
  • Dollies – You can get dollies with or without push handles and in different sizes. You can use these to wheel out heavy furniture and avoid heavy lifting.
  • Furniture slides – These are little devices placed under each leg so it can glide on the floor easily without damaging your flooring.

Proper Lifting Techniques

Know the proper lifting techniques to avoid injuring yourself. For example, bend your knees for support instead of bending at the waist during the initial lift. If you do the latter, the risk of breaking your back is high.

Additionally, carry items closer to your body for balance and distributing the weight to your entire upper body instead of just your forearms.


If you really want to have a stress-free move without the need of lifting anything heavy, you can find affordable professional movers. They will do all the packing, loading and unloading of your stuff.

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