Why Spring Is The Best Time To Spruce Up Your Roof


Winters can be really tough on your roof. The frigid cold, heavy snow or rain, and strong winds can leave it with considerable damage.

Spring is the perfect time to give your roof some much-needed TLC. It’s the best time to catch damage caused by harsh winters and to fix them before they get worse. And a complete roof inspection during spring helps your roof survive the rest of the year.

Need more encouragement to get started with roof maintenance this season? Here are more reasons spring is the ideal time for roof inspection and repair.

Perfect temperatures and humidity for roof work

It’s neither too cold nor too hot to work on the roof. The weather is much tamer than it was in winter and the light is brighter, improving visibility and helping you spot flaws and damage easier.

The sun is out, but there’s still a bit of a chill in the air. The pleasant weather makes getting up on the roof less of a hassle than it would be in winter or summer.  Best of all, it’s not yet humid enough that you or your roofing professional would be sweating bullets within the first hour.

If your roof needs extensive repairs or a complete roof replacement, the mild weather means that the inside of your home will stay comfortable. There won’t be harsh sunlight streaming in or drafts making you cold.

Roofing materials perform well in spring weather.

Warm winds and ample sunshine make roofing jobs easier for your roofer. They also help roofing materials work better.

Most roofing materials react in some way to extreme temperatures. Shingles can crack or break while wood can buckle or warp. Adhesives can freeze and refuse to stick.

The best time to handle and install these materials is when it’s neither too hot nor too cold outdoors.

More roofing contractors available

Roofing contractors are in high demand in late summer, which is when many homeowners scramble to get their roofs fixed in preparation for fall and winter. In comparison, spring is considered a “slow” season for roofing work. This means that if you schedule roofing repairs this season, you have a good chance of actually being able to hire good professional roofers.

The availability of roofing contractors in spring also means that your roofing project can be finished more quickly. In addition, professional roofers prefer working in spring weather, as roofs are usually dry and safer to stand on. When the roof is dry, roofers can work faster and will be better able to finish their tasks within schedule.

Spring is the best time for cleaning.

They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing. Apart from the good weather, better visibility, and roofer availability, spring just feels like the ideal time to declutter, repair, and get our homes in tiptop shape.

If you’ve been putting off roof maintenance tasks all year long, spring is a great time to work on them. Your neighbors will probably be doing the same thing.

Spring is a great time for giving your roof the attention it deserves. But don’t forget to check on it every now and then. Seasonal roof maintenance will help you keep your roof (and your entire home) in excellent condition and help improve its resale value.

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