How to Prevent Water Damage in Your Home


There is nothing in the world that is worse than a backed up drain or sewer line. In a matter of minutes, you rooms can be filled with sewage or water and you might as well start writing cheques for all the repairs and refurbishment that will be necessary. Drainage can be a complex series of pipes and a lot can go wrong such as clogs, breaks, displaced joints and tree root incursions. Being prepared for the vagaries in life saves one time and money, and the easiest way to ensure that your drainage system is working properly and is up to date is to do an Internet search for a drainage company that does CCTV drain surveys in Leeds. Here are some things to know about CCTV drain surveys.

  • You Need State of the Art Equipment-CCTV drain surveys use state of the art equipment such as CCTV cameras, pushrod camera, crawlers and even sonar!
  • The Best Way to Spot Problems-with the state of the art equipment available, there is no need for digging or other invasive methods to survey the condition of drains and pipes. Displaced joints, tree roots, breaks and clogs are all easily identified for repair.

There are so many things that can interfere with drainage and cause significant damage to your home of business. It’s always best to nip potential problems in the bud before they occur, and the best way to do that is engage a drainage company to do a CCTV drain survey right away. Just do an Internet search, and call them today.

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