DIY vs. Pro: Which One Should You Pick?


You got the tools; you watch a tutorial on YouTube, but now that it’s actually time to do the DIY project, you begin to ask yourself: should you really do it?

That’s not an entirely wrong thing to ask, however. If anything, that’s a good question to ask. Be it renovation or quick repairs, DIY culture has spread far and wide that many people are opting to do the work on their own. With the endless amount of resources available, from video instructionals to online articles, DIY projects and repairs are definitely more accessible. But there’s always a limit when it comes to doing it yourself.

Below are some questions you should ask yourself first before you even start planning your DIY project.

Do I have the equipment?

Many projects require a specific set of equipment, and you might not have everything necessary. You might imagine that you can just MacGuyver it, but that just invites injuries and mistakes to happen. If you don’t have the equipment necessary, it’s best you clear that one first. Either purchase the tools or borrow them. You can’t put a nail in without a hammer, and using makeshift equipment on your projects might just lead to disastrous results.

Do I know what to do?

Other than having the equipment (and knowing how to use them), you have to ask yourself whether you know what you’re doing. We tend to overestimate ourselves and think that we can fulfill it on our own but end up being confused when we’re doing it. Should you commit to the idea of repairing something on your own, do your research! Practice, if possible. Knowing what to do is the first step, after all.

Can I afford mistakes?

It’s also a matter of practicality: since you’re not a professional, you’re bound to make amateur mistakes. The question is, however, can you afford to make that mistake? Perhaps the project you’re doing is something crucial to your family. In a situation like that, it’s best to increase your chances of success by hiring a professional instead.

Do I have enough time?

Another consideration is whether you have enough time. Even if you have a day off, you might feel too tired to do anything else for that day. Some DIY projects can take more than a day to accomplish, and you have to factor that in as well. A professional can do it considerably faster than amateurs can, so that’s always something we should keep in mind.

Projects and Repairs that You Shouldn’t DIY

Not every project can be DIY’ed. Some need a professional to do it- not just for your sake, but for legal reasons as well. Here’s a few of them.

Broken Plumbing

Well, it’s perfectly fine to do minor plumbing repairs like plugging up a leak, when major pipelines are involved, you should keep your hands off. Plumbing systems are very complex, and some areas criminalize tampering with the pipe system as it directly leads to sewers. It’s simply much more cost-efficient to hire a professional emergency plumber should you need immediate plumbing services.

Fixing Roofs

A leaking roof is difficult to handle and you might feel pressured to fix it as soon as possible, but remember to call a professional instead of doing it yourself. You need special equipment to safely access the roof (because climbing through a window is simply unsafe), and of course, you also need the physical ability and experience. 

Replacing Electrical Systems

Since live wires and electrical outlets contain high voltages of electricity, it’s best to steer clear of any electrical repairs. You’re most likely going to hurt yourself should you insist. There’s also the imminent danger of fire if you attempt and then make a mistake, so when it comes to electrical repairs, it’s best to leave it to the pros.

HVAC Maintenance

You can do cursory cleaning on your HVAC, but when it comes to regular maintenance or repairs, only a professional can do that. No matter how much you watch tutorials on the internet, only a licensed repairman will be able to fix your HVAC for you- at worst, you might even cause your system to malfunction due to human errors. So add HVAC to your list of “never to DIY”.

We’re not saying that DIY repairs are bad. However, there’s an inherent risk or danger when you’re doing things on your own. The lack of technical knowledge, experience, and the right equipment isn’t a good combination. Keep yourself and your family safe by contracting licensed professionals to do the job for you- you’ll never regret it.

Meta title: When Should You DIY and When Should You Hire the Pros?
meta desc: DIY repairs can be a fulfilling activity, but sometimes, it’s far smarter to simply hire a professional to do the job for you. Read on to find out more.

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