Have You Considered Building a Dirt Driveway?


When you think of a dirt driveway, you may envision a country dirt road made up of ruts and holes, which is something that is definitely difficult to drive over without damaging your car. However, today you can contact a paving and driveway company and have this type of driveway built with good results.

Construction and Installation

A dirt driveway can be challenging to construct and therefore requires know-how and ingenuity when it comes to installation. Not only does the space for the driveway need to be dug out but you also have to think about drainage.

What You Will Need to Ask

Ask the following questions when you are developing your plans with a local paving company in Buckingham:

  • Where will the water go and how will it drain from the driveway?
  • What is the best aggregate to use underneath the driveway’s surface? One recommended stone is MOT Type one. This aggregate consists of different pieces of stone, all of which provide a sturdy and reliable base for a compacted top layer of dirt.
  • Will the stone need to be compacted too?
  • Should I include a weed membrane? (Some people like to add a more rustic look to their dirt driveways and want to add grass and wild weeds.)

As you can see, a dirt driveway is indeed a unique way to improve the looks of a natural country-like setting. If you choose this type of driveway, make sure that you work with a paving and driveway company that is familiar with the construction of this type of driveway. The company should be well versed in a wide variety of driveway types and styles.



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