Refrigeration Repairs: When Should You Get Them Checked?


According to experts, if you have a brand-new refrigerator, then it’s life may range from 10-20 years, depending upon the model and your maintenance procedure.

Now, due to several reasons, your refrigerator might need a repair, so it’s important not to ignore the signs that the refrigerator starts giving you when there’s need for a repair.

Through this article, we are going to list out in detail those signs, when you should get it checked by a repairman.

1)Leaky refrigerators

You need to do refrigeration repair when it’s leaking, making the floor of your kitchen a swimming pool.

The reason behind such leakage may be a damaged seal, broken water supply valve or a blockage in defrost drain.

2)A sudden increase in energy bill

Are you noticing any sudden and unexpected spike in the monthly electricity bill and probably there is no concrete reason for that to happen as your usage is exactly the same as before?

Well, the reason, in this case, could be a faulty refrigerator. On average, a refrigerator accounts for 8% of the total electricity consumption of the household.

3)Making loud noises

If you have started noticing that your fridge is making weird rattling noises and it has increased to such an extent that it has started bothering you.

Maybe your fridge is also cycling on and off at regular intervals; then, you definitely should not ignore this sign because you need refrigeration repair. Get in contact with an appliance repairman service for refrigeration service.

4) Food getting spoiled regularly

Another sign that your fridge needs to be checked is that the food item keeps getting spoiled much before it’s the expiry date. Again, the reason could be that your refrigerator is unable to keep the things cool or the inside of your fridge is hot. In such a case, you can turn down the thermostat of your refrigerator, this may help, but if not, getting in contact with a licenced professional will be a better option.

5) Your fridge creates uncomfortable hot

There is a popular belief that a refrigerator cools down its interior part or it brings down the temperature inside it. But that is not what actually a refrigerator does to keep the things cool inside it.

It just removes heat from the air. So, when your fridge is working, it’s quite normal that it feels warm. If your fridge is way too hot when touched, then it’s time to call in the repairman.

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