7 Smart Ways to Save Space in a Small Apartment


Besides helping you save on housing costs, primarily if you dwell in the city, there are limitless benefits of living in a small apartment.

Staying in a small, calm space is good for your mental health. It is cozy and requires less time to maintain and declutter. Moreover, it is a chance for you to be creative and transform your space to your liking, not to forget that you will have an easier time relocating.

Whichever your reason for living in a small space, you do not have to feel inadequate. You can still maximize the available space. Check out these smart ways to save space while living in a tiny apartment.

  1. Invest in Foldable Furniture

Everyone has those furniture items that they use once in a while. Perhaps you only get to use your sofas when you have guests coming over.

Instead of leaving the couch to take up space when not in use, it will save you a lot if you get foldable ones that you only remove when you need to. Also, consider getting a two-in-one to act as both a coach and guest bed.

If that is not your style, get a wall-mounted bed. When you have a guest, you can remove some items from the floor, lower the bed and return it to the wall once the guests are gone. A Murphy bed is not only stylish but also helps you save bedroom space.

  1. Organize Your Personal Items

You cannot afford to have your items lying all over your studio. They will make the room disorganized by consuming a lot of space that you would otherwise use for usable items.

Look for nice boxes for document storage or get a small desk with drawers for the same. You should, however, label where you keep each of the items to avoid cluttering the area whenever you want to reach something. The bed or kitchen areas are the best places to keep the boxes.

  1. Minimal Decor

If you are into decor, it can be tempting to buy every item you see in the market or online. You have probably saved hundreds of screenshots with things you would love to own for your house decor. It could also be that you want your space to look as good as Pinterest.

That may have to wait until you move to a bigger space. For now, try to control yourself so as to avoid making your space look tight and constrained. The walls should have the bare minimum. Overstuffing them makes the room appear smaller than it is. The decor will also consume space that you would use for other items like hanging the foldable furniture.

If you moved from a bigger space and have lots of decor items from your previous house, consider storing them in the closet. This way, you can change them regularly depending on your theme for the day. You may also sell them to make a few coins or gift them to someone.

The bottom line is to use fewer decors but use them creatively to create your little haven.

  1. Try Floating Shelves

When you think of living space, you are most likely talking about the floor. The available floor space determines how much crowded your room is.

Getting storage cabinets means that a few square footages will be devoted to that. You can save that for something else by investing in floating shelves. You will not even notice that they are there, yet you will have enough storage.

If you lack suitable walls for floating shelves, consider getting vertical cabinets that extend to the ceiling. This is a better strategy than getting shorter ones that will demand more square footage on the floor.

Another great way to maximize storage space in small spaces is to add built-in shelving from floor to ceiling. You can use the storage shelves for many purposes, such as holding books and decorations.

Shelving is also a great project if you love DIY projects.

  1. Get Creative with the Tables

Tables, especially wooden ones, tend to take up a lot of space. Get creative and use trunks instead. The best part about trunks is that you can use them to hold utensils and other valuable items.

Although you cannot use trunks as study tables, you can use them in place of coffee and bedside tables. Take advantage of the cubic space for storage, thus creating more space.

It would be best if you filled the trunks will items that you regularly use to avoid disorganizing the closet every time you need the items. Such items include games and DVDs.

  1. Rotate Your Clothes Regularly

Different seasons call for varying types of clothing. Winter clothes are different from summer and fall. You should therefore rotate the clothing in the closet regularly to suit the current season.

For instance, if summer is coming to an end, change the order of the closet such that the winter items are more accessible. This will save you from disorganizing the closet when reaching out for items.

A well-organized closet creates more room because you can fit all your clothes without leaving some on the couch and others hanging at the door.

  1. A Clothing Rack Is Better Than a Closet

If your studio lacks a walk-in closet, you should consider getting a rack instead. Clothing racks consume less space and are attractive. You can customize the rack to suit your style and create as much hanging room as you want.

Be sure to choose a stylish rack if you are worried about how it will look in your living room. Also, hang the prettiest pieces on the front side.

Save Space With Simple But Efficient Tips

You do not necessarily need to live in a large apartment to make things work.

With the tips above, you will be better positioned to save space and make your small apartment cozy and comfortable. You may also seek the assistance of an expert designer to help you with the arrangements.

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