7 Benefits of Switching to Solar Energy


Do you concerned about the way our energy usage is impacting the environment? Are you considering the benefits of sustainable energy?

Energy production releases pollutants into the air, which is the cause of many environmental problems. These include increased smog, climate change, and a rise in water levels.

You may be wondering how you can do your part to help. Going green can take on a number of forms, and one of the most popular is solar energy.

Here’s how you can benefit.

  1. Better for the Environment

Sustainable living helps to reduce negative human impact on the environment by making positive changes.

Solar energy can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These can trap heat and prevent it from leaving the atmosphere. Most of the greenhouse gas in our atmosphere comes from the fuels such as natural gas and coal that heat our homes.

These emissions can also cause air pollution that leads to health issues, as well as habitat and wildlife loss. If you’re worried about the impact of energy on your environment, solar energy can be a great investment.

  1. Save Money on Your Electrical Bills

Solar panels can cost you a bit of money upfront. However, it can end up saving you thousands of money in electricity bills over years of time.

Since solar panels create their own power, you’ll save money on your monthly electrical bill, and you may even be able to eliminate it altogether. The higher your electrical bill tends to be, the more money you’ll end up saving.

If your home is oriented toward the sun, you could have even more potential to save. Talk to an expert such as those at this solar company to find out more.

  1. Tax Incentives

The federal solar tax credit currently allows you to deduct 26% of the cost of solar panel installation. This further reduces the initial investment you’ll make on solar panels that will end up saving you money in the end.

Some states may offer additional tax credits and incentives. For example, the state of California offers two programs for those with a lower income who are interested in installing solar panels.

  1. Increase Your Independence

Relying on your local energy company has its drawbacks. For example, if there’s a blackout in your area, you’ll be stuck without the energy you need to stay warm, cook, and work.

However, with solar energy, you can become energy independent and not have to worry about these outages. In addition, you’ll be protecting yourself against the rising energy costs in your area.

  1. Highest Energy Production During Times of Greatest Demand

The highest times of production of solar energy are between 11 am and 6 pm, which is when you’ll likely be in the greatest need of resources. In energy production power plants, the cost of energy increases sharply during this time. With solar energy, however, the additional supply of energy during peak hours can actually reduce your energy production.

  1. Reduce Pressure on Electrical Grid

There will be a lot of strain on your electrical grid, especially in crowded areas, which could lead to blackouts.

Some states, such as California, are “net metered.” This means your utility company could compensate you for producing more solar energy than your home needs at a given time. So you’ll be helping out the community and saving yourself money at the same time.

  1. Increase Property Values

Investing in solar panels can increase your home’s values by 4.1%.

Prospective buyers are interested in solar panels that have already been installed because they know they’ll be enjoying big savings on their energy bills. If you think you may want to sell your home over the next ten to fifteen years, solar panels can be a great investment.

What to Look for in a Solar Company

You’ll want to choose a local company when you’re looking for solar. This is because they’ll have intimate knowledge of the climate, sunlight, and common structures in your area.

You can ask neighbors for recommendations on solar companies. They’ll be easy to find because you’ll see the solar panels on their roofs! Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Were the panels installed quickly and safely? Were there any problems that needed to be addressed soon after? Are they currently saving money on electrical bills?

You can also go online and check out reviews of the company. Look for repeated comments, which will give you a good idea of what former clients are saying.

You’ll want to get at least three estimates before hiring a company. Your roof angle, roof type, and any structural issues could all play a role in the final cost.

It’s important to know that the price you’ll be paying is reasonable for your house type and location. However, the best company for you may not always be the least expensive. You’ll need to consider quality as well.

Some solar panel services offer additional services, which can help you once you know you’ve found service people you can trust. These could include roofing services, handyman work, and heating and air. Find out how else your solar panel company can help make your home a safe and friendly place.

Going Green

Solar panels are a great way to start once you get serious about going green. They can save you lots of money and keep your home independently running. With a little homework, you can find the right solar panels in no time.

Don’t stop getting smart about your home and lifestyle now. For more great advice, read our blog today.

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