Universal Bathroom Design Ideas


The universal bathroom holds prominent significance when it comes to usage and functionality. Despite the lavish master bathroom, there is a need for a universal bathroom that can be used by everyone from kids to young, adults, and old guests. 

Universal bathrooms bear significant importance, especially for future use. If you plan the perfect layout, this bathroom design can work for the years to come. The goal which should be kept in mind while designing the universal bathroom is that it must serve everyone despite their age, size, and ability especially in terms of safety and functionality.

Universal Bathroom Design Ideas:

Here are some of the ideas which you can incorporate while working on a universal bathroom. 

Ground Floor Bathroom Access:

For a universal design bathroom, always make space for the bathroom on the ground floor instead of the powder room. Make sure to sketch the layout adequately so that it can be used by everyone in the home. You can also bathroom remodeling minneapolis experts for floor designing ideas to make your bathroom luxurious.

Enlarged Doorway:

Make sure to keep your doorway large during construction and keep it 2-3 inches wide from the standard so that the people who are handicapped and use a wheelchair so that don’t need to bother while entering the bathroom.

Sufficient Floor Space:

Your Universal bathroom must have sufficient floor space so that the persons with a wheelchair can move back and forth easily. It can also help them to take a turn while resting on a wheelchair. Being a universal bathroom, it should hold all the possible facilities for everyone.

Work on The Lighting:

Use enough lighting in your bathroom especially on the entry, vanity, and shower area. Use lighting in these areas to illuminate them. Use different lighting and adjustable warmth in your bathroom to light it up for all the users.

Add A Decent Touch: 

Add a decent touch to your bathroom. Make sure to use white tiles or paint as it makes your bathroom appear bright and big. Use wood vanity to add realistic touch and a relaxing vibe to your bathroom. 

Contact with an expert to decide the layout and overall functionality of the bathroom.

Add Grab Bars in Shower:

It is the most functional addition to your universal bathroom. Whether you are a child, adult, or an old man, grab bars are a necessity of every age. These grab bars can also be used as a towel holder and some sleek grab bars in the shower can complement the overall look of the bathroom.

Use Slip-Resistant Floors:

You can create slip-resistant floors whether by using rough tiles o the floor or by increasing the grout lines. This can create the universal bathroom more functional for people of all ages and prevent the peoples with disabilities from serious injuries. You can also add carpet outside of the shower to make a safer space. 

Fasten Wall Mounted Sinks:

Wall-mounted sinks are best for wheelchair users because they can easily slide under the sink and can easily use the sink. It also makes your bathroom appear larger and hence aids handicapped persons.

Use the following tips when constructing a universal bathroom so that your bathroom can stay in style for years. These tips can save you from the afterward regret and hence helps you in designing the best and evergreen universal bathroom.

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