Signs That You Need to Call in a Drainage Contractor


The drain pipe is a large pipe that runs under the floor of your house. The drain pipe carries all the wastewater from around the house and connects to the main sewage line running through the neighbourhood. The drain pipe is one of the most important pipes in the modern plumbing system. If there’s a blockage in the drain pipe, water might begin to leak from it, causing significant damage underneath the floors. It can also lead to the growth of mould in the house.

There are many reasons why you might need to call in professional Avon drainage contractors. Rather than trying to fix the drainage problem on your own, it’s always best to seek help from a professional.

Block Causes

There are many reasons your drain can get blocked. One of the most common reasons is the expansion of tree roots under the ground. Tree roots grow wherever they can find space, and if the roots find even a small opening, they will grow through the drain pipe, blocking it completely.

Another common thing that causes drain blockage is the useless stuff people throw down the drain. Most people don’t think twice before throwing grease, fat and cooking oil down their drains and flushing it. However, the grease and fat continue to accumulate inside the drainpipe, eventually causing a blockage and preventing water from escaping through the drain pipe. The build-up of salt and scale can also reduce the size of the opening, thus causing a blockage.

Calling a Contractor

You should call in a contractor if the water in your toilet takes a long time to flush and drain, or if it makes gargling sounds while draining. The drainage contractors will use specialised techniques to clear the blockage in the drain pipe.

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