Top 5 Benefits of Choosing High Pressure Water Jetting You Need to Know


Keeping your drainage pipes free of any obstruction is a vital thing to ensure efficient functioning of drainage pipes at your resident. However, build-ups occur in your household drainage pipes for one or other reasons; debris, grease, sludge, hair and tree root intrusion are some of the most commonly sighted causes of drainage build-ups, meaning drain blockages.

When it comes to blocked drainage pipes, high pressure water jetting is one of the most flexible, affordable and effective method that can wash away any stubborn build-up and meticulously clean your pipe. In addition to drain unblocking and drain cleaning, high pressure water jetting, also known as hydro-jetting is also used for material cutting and surface preparation in many industrial projects.

In this post, however, we will see why drainage professionals prefer using high pressure water jetting over other drain cleaning solutions. Continue reading.

Provides Deep Cleaning

High pressure water jetting equipment features a hose from where water is streamed at very high pressure (up to 7000 psi) and high velocity. When water is streamed with this high force in the drainage pipe, it is capable of breaking down any build-up, deposits and any other intrusion your drainage pipe may have, ultimately providing complete cleaning to your drainage pipe from within.

You can hire a water jetting specialist to schedule annual drain cleaning sessions as a preventive measure; this approach will help avoid blocked drain and maintain the hygiene inside the pipes. It will also ensure the drainage pipes and sewers run waste water at optimal pace.

Breaks Down Toughest of Blockage

If using a plunger or a drain snake isn’t working out to unblock your blocked drainage pipe, high pressure water jetting is the best solution. The traditional drain unblocking equipment like plunger and snake can’t reach to the depth of the pipe; and they can’t clear sludge and wall deposits. But drain jetting can clear it all and make your drainage pipe new again from within. Hydro jetting equipment allows the operator to adjust the pressure and velocity of water depending on the job site condition and enables them to clear toughest of blockage in no time!

Ensure More Cleanliness

In hydro jetting, high pressure water is streamed down the drainage pipe by simply opening the drain cover; there is absolutely no need of excavation. No matter where the blockage is located inside the pipe, it can be broken down into pieces and washed away to the main sewer using drain jetting. It is indeed a more clearway of drain unblocking and drain cleaning.

Say No to Future Blockages

As said above, water jetting isn’t only used to remove existing blockage out of your drainage pipes but it is also used as a preventive maintenance solution by property owners to avoid blocked drain scenario in near future.

It’s Both Operator-Friendly And Environment-Friendly!

Use of hydro jetting for drain cleaning doesn’t involve the use of any harmful chemicals. The drain cleaning method doesn’t product toxic fumes or smoke. Besides, it also helps avoid the need for excavation and thus prevent dust particles. Work can be carried out maintaining the hygiene and safety at the job site.

Use of high pressure water jetting for unblocking and cleaning drains poses no health risk to drainage technicians. Water used by the equipment for drain cleaning purpose can be used time and again. It is easy to see why hydro jetting is regarded as the most environment-friendly and operator-friendly drain cleaning solution.

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