Making Your Modern Home More Organized and Breathable


Perhaps you’re used to a cluttered space, and it’s been a while since you saw how spacious your home could be. If you’re looking for a change this coming new year, perhaps this is the time to make changes to your interior. Of course, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Changing how you organize and how every room looks can make a big difference.

If you are used to a messy room, you cannot envision it without the unnecessary clutter. Perhaps you’re looking into making some changes to your home, and decluttering is the best way to start. Being more organized is a way to make your home inviting and livable again. 

Minimizing Space in Common Areas

Long gone is maximalism to make use of your space for more clutter and decors. It’s time to get rid of stuff that crowds your space and is useless. Your tall space cluttering floor lamp can be replaced by overhead lighting. Unnecessary decors can go away to open up some space and make the room breathable.

Evaluate each room in your house and think carefully about whether you absolutely need the things there. Remove every worthless piece of furniture that only stands in the way, such as an extra chair or an ottoman that blocks heat circulation from your electric fireplace. Get rid of meaningless decors that just collect more dust and dirt that feed on your allergies. Keep yourself from hanging too many pieces of clothing on the coat rack.

Being more organized makes you save time as well. Assign a spot where you store the things you often need, such as house and car keys and remote controls. This way, you always know where to put it and find it the next time you need it. 

Making Your Kitchen More Inviting

Gone are the kitchen tools you have no use for. Declutter your kitchen and get rid of food and containers that can collect mold and dirt, contaminating the rest of your food. Don’t abuse your opaque cabinets that can mask the dirt inside.

Incorporate new kitchen organizing ideas and remove everything unnecessary. Use dividers to organize your drawers and remind yourself often to keep them clean. Use reusable containers to put in your pantry items. Be sure you have proper disposing methods on different materials. Keep your cleaning supplies in their proper places to avoid compromising other things in the kitchen that can make you sick.

Think about your space when you prepare food, so everything is in place before and after cooking. Place the utensils you most often use near you and minimize what you hang on the walls. Ensure every surface in the kitchen is always clean and sanitized since many spots in this room are dirty. This includes the countertops, door handles of drawers, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and sink knobs.

The Bedroom Comes Next 

It’s time to get rid of excess throw pillows that you place on your bed when you make it. These just collect dust that you inhale while you sleep. Remove extra furniture that you don’t even use and keep common spaces clear. Ensure to wash your bedding and curtains regularly—once every two weeks at most. 

Being more organized in the bedroom eases your mind and helps you get good sleep quality. Find ways to organize your shoes and clothes and get rid of those you don’t wear and haven’t worn in the last one to two years.

Invest in multipurpose furniture, which can also be a storage place where you can organize more things accordingly without crowding too many items in one place. This also applies to your living room furniture.

Scheduling a Cleaning Day

One of the best ways to be organized at home is by sticking to a cleaning schedule. Scheduling helps a lot, especially if you’re a homemaker who also has a career of your own. Creating a schedule for cleaning, deep cleaning, and doing the laundry can calm you down and make you more focused.

If you want a more breathable home, keep away from cleaning materials that have a strong scent. Many cleaning products consist of natural ingredients and are less harmful. Another option is making your own cleaning solution to save more money.

Final Thoughts

Open your mind to new organizational and cleaning ways to make your home a better place to live in. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you no longer need. Some people might get the feeling that they might need it again, but the truth is, it will most probably end up crowding your storage. Remember that material things in your home are replaceable unless you give meaning to them.

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