What to Look for in a New Home Post Pandemic


The pandemic has affected nearly all aspects of daily life. It changed how we work, communicate, shop, and even socialize with our loved ones. So it’ll come as no surprise that it’s also affected the how and where we choose to live. Heavily populated cities known for their endless professional opportunities and diverse culture saw empty streets during the pandemic’s peak. As residents were forced to spend most of their time indoors, the often cramped living spaces in condos and apartments started to feel less and less worth it.

Due to the nature of the new normal, citizens continue to be wary of spending extended periods of time in public spaces. Businesses across multiple industries also continue to provide employees with the opportunity to work from home in order to prioritize their health and safety.

These factors are the main contributors to the current trend of city folk choosing to move away from the metropolitan areas and find new homes in more suburban areas. The suburbs continue to be known for their excellent security and bigger properties which you can get for half the price of an apartment in the city. If you’re considering joining the bandwagon and moving out of the city or just looking into the possible benefits, here are some essentials you’ll need to consider when looking for your new home:

Open Spaces

An open space that offers you the ability to go outside and get some fresh air has been one of the top considerations in the current market. While the type of open spaces can vary for each individual, here as just some of the most common asks buyers have been looking for.

1. Front or back yard

Having a lawn not only allows you to install a deck or even a pool, but it’s especially great for families that are just getting out of the city. Having the free space opens up the property and can provide you with multiple uses, such as having your own small garden for fresh produce, a playground for younger children, and an outdoor dining area or patio. The possibilities are endless!

2. Balconies

If you’re looking at a smaller property to lease like an apartment, balconies and bigger windows have been a common consideration as of late. Even though the property is smaller, open spaces for fresh air continue to be a priority, not just for families but for everyone. Balconies provide tenants with a source of fresh air without going outside and being in a public space.

Activity spaces

Spaces dedicated to sports and leisure are also becoming increasingly popular as recreational sports and entertainment continue to adapt to the new health and safety protocols slowly. Swimming pools, basketball courts, and home gyms have also been one of the top considerations of buyers today. While pandemic may have been a financially difficult time, the disparity of property value in different locations allowed buyers to significantly upgrade what homes they were initially considering.

Maintaining our physical and mental health was certainly difficult at first as we couldn’t really move our bodies as much as we wanted to in a limited space. Pools, courts, and gyms didn’t necessarily have to come with property on the get-go. Many people have also chosen to remodel and build their ideal additions. Home gyms were a prevalent choice for both families and singles. Garages that utilized epoxy floor coating systems made for ideal conversion to home gyms as the heavyweights would break tile or wood, and garages usually utilize sealed concrete. This makes it a touch surface to break but an easy one to fix just in case it does.

Home offices

Industries like information technology, customer service, administrative services, sales, marketing, and finance all decided to transition their workers to remote work setups. This allowed their employees to work from the comfort of their own home, and in this case, outside of the city, even if their offices were there. While some industries are now trying out hybrid work, which requires employees to physically come to the office for collaborative meetings or a few times a week, home offices still remain popular. A home office is crucial for families looking for their new homes as schools continue to be shut down and children learn from home. More often than not, home offices are separate rooms in the home but can also be allocated spaces outside of the bedroom or living room where you can set up your workstation.

Moving in the new normal certainly isn’t for everybody. However, looking into properties that give you a better bang for your buck or finding creative ways to remodel your current space can help you feel more secure, productive, and happy while spending your time at home.

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