Making Stairs as a Focal Point in Interior Design


A focal point in your house is where the eyes fall when they first enter the room. When done right, it makes the entire room aesthetically pleasing. It can be the staircase, fireplace, some artwork, or furniture. However, it should match your home’s architectural style, so it doesn’t stand out painfully. Aside from being a functional part of the home, the staircase makes an excellent focal point. Here are ways you can make your stairs your home’s centerpiece:

Stairs As Bookshelves

Add a dash of style to your staircase by building a bookshelf underneath it. This is an innovative way of storing your books if you don’t have ample space for a separate bookshelf. You can add a tiny reading nook right beside the stairs for an easy read. Don’t forget to add adequate lighting because it helps highlight the entire space. You can paint the stair bookshelf with any complementary color.

You can hire an interior designer for this plan to be accomplished. However, you can also build it yourself if you are skilled at construction, know the exact measurements, and have a vision of how it should look. There are a lot of materials and paint choices to choose from to help you implement your plan.

Industrial Staircase

Some designers design or fabricate industrial stairs from steel and aluminum with occasional wood. Stairs made of metal are more durable and safer because of their sturdy nature. Furthermore, they’re also malleable, which means you can have any form you want with the help of professional laser metal cutters. Unlike wooden staircases, you won’t have to worry about pests and external factors damaging them. This type of staircase is also much cheaper than wood because you won’t have to treat it for pests.

Swirling Staircase

A swirling or a spiral staircase is ideal for homes with a small space. This type of staircase adds sophistication to your interiors, especially if painted the right color or made from suitable materials. They are also functional and safe because if ever you fall, the swirl of the staircase will prevent you from falling any further. There are also ready-made swirling staircases that you can buy and install yourself. Swirling staircases can also be customized however you want them to look.

Wooden Staircase

A wooden staircase is a type of staircase commonly seen in households. They add warmth and a comfortable look to your interiors. However, it is also prone to pests, so you should treat the wood accordingly. It produces less noise than metal stairs, but it’s also more expensive. Furthermore, humidity and many other external factors can damage a wooden staircase. For one, wood can expand and shrink in extreme temperatures.

Elements and Lighting for Additional Focal Points

Lighting is what highlights your focal point. Make sure that your focal point is well-lit so that it attracts and keeps attention, especially at night. Mount your light fixtures in spaces that will accentuate the best angles of your focal point. Some interior designers use warm lighting when trying to highlight a focal point.

Aside from lighting, you can use other elements to make your focal point stand out more. For starters, you can isolate the staircase by removing the items near it—this will draw a person’s unbridled attention since there are no distractions within its vicinity. Second, you can install the staircase in the middle of the room as long as it does not look awkward. Third, you can paint lines toward the stairs to demand attention. And finally, you can contrast anything such as color, texture, form, and shape. Follow these steps, and you’ll highlight your focal point effectively.

Form and Function Combined

Stairs are a functional part of your home as they take you from one floor to another. They always carry danger, but with the right material and type, you can avoid these risks. Stairs can be unique and playful and can be the center of attention in a room. However, they should be done right, or they’ll be out of place instead of the main attraction. Your home’s architectural style is what you need to consider first before deciding on your home’s focal point.

Focal points draw attention from the guests that enter your home. Therefore, they should be as creative as your imagination. Don’t be afraid to explore the limits of your creativity, no matter how eccentric they might be. Sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination. There is no harm in contacting an interior designer to do all the work for you as they know what type of design can merge function and form. They know what’s best for your home, and you can always add a personal touch to their design pitches.

Your stairs don’t have to be the plain white wooden staircases of long ago. Try using different styles, materials, and put your staircase to good use. Keep in mind to highlight your stairs correctly, prioritize safety, and don’t be afraid to hire professionals to help you achieve your vision.

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