A New Homeowner’s Guide: 6 Steps to a Smooth Move


Moving into a new home is exciting, especially if it has been your long-time dream to have a space of your own. However, like all significant life changes, it comes with a bit of stress. You have lots of stuff to move. And assembling furniture proves to be challenging. The list goes on, and you may find yourself overwhelmed.

To help you with that, you can do some things to make your new home life a little less stressful.

1. Keep an emergency fund for future home needs

Buying a house is the biggest expense you will ever have in life. This means you will need careful financial planning prior to even getting one. Once that is off the table, make sure you still have some money left for emergency use. Having to replace or repair your air-conditioning system won’t be easy on your pockets. The same goes for other home problems that may arise in the future. It can be your plumbing system, house structure, or appliances. Having a sound financial management system is a must. It will save you from tons of stress.

2. Invest in quality home improvement

The moment you bought the house, you most likely had some changes you wanted to make in mind. Ironically, it sometimes pays more to spend more. One of the things that you may need to replace is the windows. Ask window suppliers to explain which materials suit your budget and needs. There are many choices for materials such as wood, vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. Weigh your options properly.

Focus on renovations that will give you your money’s worth. When you remodel the bathroom or update the kitchen, think long-term. Invest in quality construction materials and consult professionals. If you think you will be selling your house in the future, it’s better to invest in it as early as now.

3. Be friends with your neighbors

Having a good relationship with your neighbors have more benefits than you think. It goes beyond having someone to look after your house while you are away. Studies show that social connection is necessary for mental and physical health. People who connect with others have less anxiety. It also helps boost your self-esteem. Take this as a sign to go and say hi to your new neighbors. Invite them in for some tea and chat once you’re settled.

Neighbors will be a big help in pointing you in the direction of trusted electricians, plumbers, and other services. The best advice you will get about living in the area will be from them.

4. Have a go-to handyman

Having a point person to run to when you need house repairs is helpful. Find a handyman you can trust and call any time your house needs fixing. It can be as simple as replacing a light fixture or painting a room. You will save time when you ask a handyman to do these jobs for you. It is because they are experienced in these kinds of jobs. You may attempt doing the repairs yourself, but it might lead to more stress later on.

Another service a handyman offers is house maintenance. They can mow your lawn, fix the windows, and install new appliances for you. However, you should make a fixed agreement with them first. For example, you can have them come in for monthly maintenance and repairs.

5. Change the locks

This is one of the first things you should do when you get the keys to the house. It would be best if you had all locks replaced for safety purposes. You are not sure who had previous access to the properties. It might be babysitters, old renters, or friends of the previous owner. You don’t want to take a gamble on that. It only takes one lock unaccounted for to breach your home safety.

Professional locksmiths can get the job done quickly. You can ask them to do advanced security measures and systems for your peace of mind. Depending on your skill, you can even change the locks yourself.

6. Keep all legal documents in a safe place

You should keep all the property-related documents as long as you own them. Keep the deed, purchase contract, home warranty, and home inspection report. You need to keep them in one place so you can access them right away when you need to. A fire-proof safe is an excellent place to keep them.

You will need more things done when you move into your new house. But hopefully, these tips help you maneuver your way around this new life phase.

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