A Guide to Thorough Spring Cleaning


It is traditional in many countries to undertake a thorough clean of the home interior once a year, and as spring sees the cold weather off, this is the ideal time to give the home that much needed spring clean. If you are planning to do just that in the near future, here is a guide to ensure a successful and incident-free spring clean.

The Right Equipment

Prior to starting, you should have ample supplies of the following:

  • Brooms & Brushes
  • Cleaning Solutions (glass cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner and polish)
  • Buckets & Mops
  • Lots of dry cloth & a few sponges
  • Dusters and a Dustpan
  • Numerous Black Dustbin Bags (Largest size)

Hire a Skip

Most important, as you will have a lot of waste, and with affordable skip hire in Salford, you can arrange to have a medium size skip delivered on the morning of the big clean. If you hire from an established waste management company, nearly all your waste will be recycled, and the small amount that cannot be reused will be responsibly disposed of.

One Room at a Time

Starting at the ceiling, dust or sweep the entire ceiling and the walls, removing dust and cobwebs that have accumulated since the last clean. Make sure you use old blankets to cover the floor and what furniture cannot be removed, should also be protected with blankets or sheets.

Delegate tasks to family members and try to pick a dry weekend, as you don’t want mud to be brought into the house. If you are well-organised, the deep clean should be completed in a weekend, and you can relax, knowing that the home is sparkling clean.

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