3 Reasons Why Blinds Make the Best Domestic Screening


While curtains were the screening choice for many years, they lack the versatility and fine adjustment that blinds offer, and for that reason, we are seeing a definite sway towards bespoke blinds. Blinds come in many different styles, with Venetian and vertical blinds giving a modern slant on screening, and if you are still undecided whether to choose curtains or blinds, here are 3 reasons why blinds are preferable.

  1. Vast Range of Design Options – Theres only so much variation with a pair of curtains, whereas blinds offer you a broad spectrum of stylish screening, and with an affordable blinds supplier in Reading, you can browse the wide selection of colours and styles.
  2. Fine Adjustment – Blinds have several ways of adjustment, allowing you to find the perfect balance between privacy and visibility. You can totally black-out a room with blinds, or choose a setting that lets you see without being seen.
  3. Made to Measure Solutions – Blinds are made to fit the aperture, so there’s no need for any adjusting when fitting. If you would like a professional blinds maker to visit you at home, an online search will put you in touch with a local supplier, who can show you an extensive range of quality blinds at very affordable prices.

There are blinds to suit every style, with Roman, Venetian, vertical and roller blinds, just to name a few. If you want the most stylish screening of all, talk to your local blinds supplier today and see what they can do for you.

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