A Guide to Designing a Limited Space Bathroom


Many bathrooms are a little on the small side, and designing such a space requires some careful thought. Of course, you have to work with what space you have, yet there are things that can be done to make the very best use of available space, and with that in mind, here are some tips of getting the most out of a small bathroom.

  • Forget the Bath – While it is nice to enjoy a long hot soak at the end of a hard day at the office, a limited space bathroom simply isn’t suitable for a bathtub, and with a bespoke corner shower unit in place, you are saving a lot of valuable floor space.
  • Consult with the Professionals – With expert bathroom refurbishments in Oakham only a phone call away, you are advised to let the professionals help with the design aspect. They have a wealth of hands-on experience in making the most out of a small area, and with top quality materials and a professional installation, your new bathroom will exceed even your high expectations.
  • Bespoke Wall Cabinets – If floor space is at a minimum, design some eye level cabinets to provide you with that much-needed storage space. Sliding doors will ensure that the room doesn’t look cluttered, and with the right bathroom suite and some elegant tiling, your design is complete.
  • Lighting– With the right lighting, it is possible to create the illusion that the bathroom is bigger than it actually is, and by making good use of LED solutions, you can create a relaxing ambience.

Once your plan is complete, the professional bathroom renovation company will make short work of the project and in a few days, your new bathroom will be finished.






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