6 Ideas for Your Small Bathroom Renovation


Looking to freshen up the bathroom? You’re not alone. In the past year, 30% of home renovations were dedicated to bathrooms.

Small bathrooms can be a design challenge. The amount of floor space available and room for adequate ventilation will affect your choices for materials. How often the bathroom gets used will also be a factor for consideration.

Whether it’s a new style or more space needed, we’ve got some tips to help you get started. Read our small bathroom renovation guide for ideas on how to create a bathroom space that meets all of your needs.

  1. Identify the Purpose of Your Small Bathroom Renovation

The first step in your small bath renovation is getting focused on your needs and wants. When you have a clear purpose in mind, you will make smart purchases that save you time and money.

Here are some common reasons why homeowners decide to do home improvements for the bathroom:

  • Safety concerns
  • More space needed
  • Lacks a functional layout
  • Poor lighting
  • Humidity control
  • Not their style

You may find that one or more of these are the reason for your small bathroom renovation. Focus on your most needed items and use the bulk of your home improvement dollars there.

  1. Make a Budget for Bathroom Renovation Costs

It’s easy to get lost in any home improvement project and end up buying things you either don’t need or end up not working in the final design. Plan your budget for the most costly items that are necessary first:

Bathroom Fixtures

A fixture is something defined as a functioning fixed item. They are needed for the bathroom to function and are not easily removed. Bathroom fixtures are tubs, sinks, faucets, lighting, and ventilation fans.

Decide if you will be replacing fixtures that no longer function properly or if you can update them with paint and new hardware.

Walls and Floors

When considering walls and floors, many of us are quick to think of tile. Also, consider if walls have mildew or damage that requires wall replacement.

If you have tile but are unhappy with the design, will you replace it or resurface the tiles? There are many new products to help you change the tile design without going through a major demolition.

If you plan to expand the size of the bathroom, budget for whether you will be able to keep the tub and sink or if you will be replacing them.

Labor and Materials

These costs are often overlooked at the beginning of a home improvement project and quickly add up. Avoid this surprise by factoring in what installation will cost and all the construction materials such as adhesives, tools, and clean-up.

Even if this will be a DIY project for you, factor in your labor cost if you will be taking days off from work.

  1. Explore Bathroom Renovation Trends

A rule of thumb with expensive updates such as tubs, sinks, and tile is to go neutral. Fashion trends come and go. If you want to resell your home later, that red bathtub may be a no-go for potential homebuyers.

For major purchases, research advancements in fixtures that homebuyers are looking for. You can still incorporate your own style without sacrificing your resale value.

  1. How to Renovate a Bathroom for Guests

Whether it is a powder room or full bath for guests, your focus should be on welcoming and pampering.

Focus less on storage or durability of fixtures. This type of bathroom will not see everyday use. Spend your renovation money on offering ease of use and comfort.

Guests will appreciate counter space for travel hygiene bags. Towels and extra toiletry items should be visual so that guests do not feel like they are snooping for needed items.

Consider some luxury features such as a rain shower head and heated flooring. Offer large enough mirrors for couples to share as they quickly get ready for a day of exploring.

Always offer safety bars for showers and tubs. Your guests may often include aging relatives.

  1. Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for the Master Bath

As the homeowner, your bathroom should be a haven for relaxation. You work hard to supply the roof over everyone else’s head and deserve a restful retreat.

Even a small master bath can be a luxury you look forward to at the end of the day. Explore tubs and showers that offer relaxation features but are no larger than standard sizes. Think spa day every day!

Invest in great lighting and a quality mirror for make-up application and dressing. Many mirrors from this collection offer anti-fog options and built-in lighting that comes on with a touch of the mirror.

Accent your master bath with colors and textures that are unique to your comfort needs. Explore color therapy for walls, towels, rugs, and even your bathwater. Chromatherapy is a trending feature for bathrooms that offers relaxation based on the science of color.

  1. Bathroom Renovation Tips for a Child’s Bath

Safety and storage are usually the top focus for a small bathroom renovation for children. Following close behind is a design with fun in mind that encourages reluctant children to look forward to a bath:


For young children, only offer access to safe items. Lower cabinets should house towels and washcloths only. If you need lower cabinets for storage of hygiene items, use child-safe locks.

Both young and older children will benefit from non-skid flooring surfaces. Toddlers and young children are always running, and teens love to dance to their favorite beats. Choose surfaces that reduce accidents.


Can you ever have enough storage for kids? For bathrooms that are used by multiple children, invest in cubbies for each child.

Look for wooden box crates that can be painted in fun colors for each child. Hang them with the bottoms facing the wall. Now, each child has their own deep shelf that is in their favorite color.


For decor, go beyond their favorite characters and colors. Opt for features such as specialty lights, high mount TVs, and built-in sound systems that don’t reduce space.

Young children look forward to bathtime and brushing their teeth when they can still keep in touch with favorite shows and music.

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Your small bathroom renovation will be a hit for everyone in your home if you identify what’s most needed first. Storage, relaxation, and style can be achieved in any size space with a little creativity.

Any home improvement project is easier and more cost-effective with helpful tips. Stop by our website often for helpful tips on making your home the place you love to be.

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