5 Things You Need to Do to an Unfinished Basement


An unfinished basement with its super cold concrete floors and musty smell can be creepy and make you not want to venture down those creaky steps if you don’t have to.

However, if you take your basement that’s unfinished, cover those exposed joists, and make it into something amazing, you won’t mind going down there anymore. After all, who wants a room in their home to go unused, especially if you need the extra space? In this blog, you’ll find a few things you need to do to finish that basement.

  1. Invest in Your Ceilings

Everyone knows that a basement looks even creepier if the ceiling is undone and nasty-looking. However, you can take care of that by following just a few creative basement ceiling ideas. Ideas such as a vaulted ceiling, a covered ceiling, or any number of ideas such as string lighting can make a huge difference in how you view your basement.

  1. Declutter

One thing that makes a basement look and feel so unwelcoming is the tons of stuff you put down there because you don’t use it anymore. That’s where decluttering the basement comes in. Before you can invest in your ceilings or turn them into a living space, you need to throw out all the stuff you don’t need.

You’ll be surprised how much room and how much less scary the basement will become when the boxes, old bicycles, and other clutter are gone.

  1. Stop the Moisture

Basements are damp, chilly, and downright unwelcoming. But, of course, once you’ve decluttered and invested in your ceilings, if you stop the moisture from seeping into the basement, it’s much more comfortable. So call in a professional to get rid of the moisture, and any mold, in the basement walls.

If that isn’t the problem, then invest in a humidifier to pull out the moisture. You’ll be glad you did when your basement smells as fresh and clean as the rest of your house.

  1. Put Down Some Area Rugs

Many people choose to put hardwood flooring over the concrete in their basement, along with recessed lighting. However, those hardwood floors are still chilly to step on, especially in the winter months.

Invest in some area rugs to place throughout the basement. It’ll make the floors much less chilly and give the finished basement a warm cozy feel and look as well. So whether you turn the basement into a home office, a game room, or a retreat for the in-laws, the rugs will just add to the comfort of the room.

  1. Add Storage

You’ve decluttered the basement, so you don’t want just to add the clutter back once the basement is finished. That’s where adding storage comes in. Whether it’s DIY storage or you bring in a professional, having a place to put things you use in your home office or game room will help keep the basement room clutter-free and nice.

Ready to Transform Your Unfinished Basement?

These are just a few of the things that you’ll need to do to transform your unfinished basement into something you enjoy being in. Whether it’s a game room, a mother-in-law suite, or just a place to hang with the kids, a finished basement is an amazing thing.

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