What is a Flueologist and What Does He Do

Modern terminology is rapidly changing the English language, with new words like “selfie” and “WiFi” adding to the many thousands of established words, and if you ever wondered what a flueologist is, he was formerly known as a chimney sweep.

The definition of a flue is a pipe or channel that conveys hot gas from a furnace to the chimney, and anyone who knows about such things would be called a flueologist today.

The word is not found in any of the prominent English dictionaries, yet it will soon have an official noting, as the term picks up popularity, and it may surprise you to know that a modern flueologist does an awful lot more than merely sweep chimneys.

Chimney Repairs

The United Kingdom has more chimneys that just about any country in the world, and if we go back a hundred years, as coal soon became the chosen fuel, the Industrial Revolution ensured that the chimney sweep was always in demand. Many of these chimneys are still in use today, and they require regular sweeping and, of course, repairs.

Some are over a century old, and with storm damage and the natural aging process, repairs are often required. If you live in the South East, Milborrow Chimney Sweeps are the ideal people to call if your chimney is in need of repair.

Modern or Period Fireplaces

A modern flueologist will also offer a wide range of fires and fireplaces, and can also install the units. Of course, anyone who works with chimneys would also be knowledgeable about fires, and whether or not you have a chimney, there are other flue options to ensure a clean and safe environment. They would also carry out essential maintenance and any repairs that are necessary, ensuring your fire provides warmth for the winter.

Boiler and Stove Installation
Essential for many homes, your hot water must have a safe storage tank, and stoves are becoming more popular, as they offer a sustainable energy source. If you would like to know more about the range of stoves and boilers available today, contact your local flueologist, who will likely have a range of affordable units.

Chimney Sweeping

Of course, this would be one his main areas of business, and with so many chimneys in use, you might have to book in advance. This might have been a booming trade 100 years ago, yet today, there are few companies that are in the profession. You will be happy to hear that the modern chimney sweep no longer uses boys to clean the flues, and with modern equipment, the cleaning process is non-invasive when compared to how it used to be.

Whatever your chimney needs, a flueologist is the person to call, and with all the above services available, it is easy to understand why he is always busy. If you should ever require his services, there will likely be that services your area, and an online search is all it takes to make contact.

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