Typical Roof Repairs you Might Have to Make


If you are new to home ownership, there is much to learn, with regular building maintenance a necessity, especially here in the UK. Take the roof, for example, the structure that protects the interior from the harsh elements; here are just a few of the common repairs you might have to make on your roof.

  • Missing Roof Tiles – Gale force winds can unseat roof tiles, and very often do. Any broken or missing tiles must be replaced as soon as possible, otherwise water will enter the roofs internal structure. A minor job for the best roofing contractors in South Yorkshire, who can be found with an online search.
  • Blocked Guttering – A common issue, especially if you have overhanging trees, and you are advised to keep your eye on the guttering, as an overflow will send water cascading down the exterior walls.
  • Damaged Flashing –The flashing might be copper, lead, or even stainless steel, and this can easily become damaged by flying debris in stormy weather. The flashing provides a seal where two different materials meet, and this should be looked at on a regular basis.
  • Fascia & Soffit – Typically made from timber, these boards are either painted or stained, and if you ever need to replace either, consider PVC, which is maintenance free. Timber does take some serious punishment, with strong sunlight, wind and rain, and a wooden fascia will need a coat of paint annually.

The above are a few of the issues you could have with your roof, and with a local roofer in your corner, you can rest easy.

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