Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends for Modern Homes


Gone are the days when bathrooms were merely for the carrying out of daily hygiene practices. Creative lifestyles have made these rooms hubs of comfort and impressive interior design.

Architects, interior designers, real estate developers, and top plumbing contractors are bringing forth refreshing, innovative ideas. They strive to make bathrooms a home feature that not only provides a level of comfort and luxury for guests and family members but also boosts home value.

So, if you are thinking of making over your bathrooms, listed below are the best trends to consider for modern homes. See if there are any that you would like to incorporate into your bathroom’s new design and function.

1. Matte black plumbing fixtures

If you want showstopping plumbing hardware for your modern bathroom, consider replacing your old stainless steel or brass hardware with matte black.

Matte black is incredibly sophisticated, and plumbing fixtures in this colour and finish never fail to provide an extremely luxurious feel to bathrooms. It does not even matter if your style is minimalistic. The moment you start using matte black plumbing fixtures, your bathroom will automatically look chic and sleek.

2. Rose gold hardware

If you are not keen on the chic appeal of matte black taps, showers, doorknobs, and shelving handles for your bathroom, opt for rose gold hardware.

Rose gold is perfect if you prefer an elegant and romantic style. It brings warm femininity to the bathroom, giving it a glamorous, spa-like vibe. Rose gold goes with most stone bathroom components, which are also popular picks for modern toilets and baths.

3. Unique sinks

Flat, wood plank, giant geode, conch shell shape, glass, and hammered brass vessel sinks are just some of the unique sink designs that are quite in demand for new and modern homes. These sinks add so much character to the bathroom because of their unconventional design.

But, even with the unexpected material or shape of these sinks, they all provide the conventional function. However, they give people something to marvel about with every washing of the face, hands, and brushing of the teeth.

4. Recessed shelving

Traditional shelves still work for bathrooms, but for cleaner and sleeker lines, recessed shelving has grown to be the preferred integrations. These shelves are especially popular among those who like this cosy spa-feel for their bathrooms.

Most people like to line up different sizes of candles (for that faux fireplace look) and plants in these in-the-wall decorative and functional features. Meanwhile, others like to install electronic devices in them. The bottom line is, recessed shelving is pretty and practical – no wonder they are standard features of well-designed modern bathrooms.

5. Artistic lighting

No bathroom is complete without illumination. Allowing for more natural light to come in is essential for eco-conscious folks, but the installation of charming lighting solutions remains a must.

And speaking of lighting solutions, there are different artistic approaches for them. One lighting strategy that many love these days is the placement of LED strip lights behind mirrors and in recessed bathroom shelving. The indirect lighting creates a soft yet bright enough glow.

Another artistic lighting idea that many use for their homes is the use of soft-seeded vanity lights. A lot of people also prefer installing light sconces instead of overhead lights.

6. Indoor nature

Creating a little patch of nature in the bathroom is also one of the most popular trends for bathroom design. A small moss garden right smack in the middle of the room never fails to impress — ditto with a moss wall.

Meanwhile, if you are building an entirely new bathroom, creating a bathroom around a towering yet slender tree is a fancy idea to consider. For many, it’s just nice to have a natural element in the bathroom for increased interest and style.

7. Non-overhead showers

More and more people are gravitating toward jet showers installed on the walls of a bathroom. It’s just a clever deviation from the traditional design, Plus, a lot of folks enjoy the body massage the get from the strong stream of water from these showers.

These non-overhead showers require the skills and expertise of master plumbers though for retrofitting, as well as to ensure that the water pressure is always strong enough.

8. Floating toilets

Wall-mounted toilets are all the rage for modern residential bathrooms. They’re like things of the future that offer the side advantage of making cleaning bathroom floors so much easier. You do not have to worry about gunk collecting at the base.

But, like with other fancy bathroom features, you need expert installers for these toilets. They need to be installed securely to handle any weight. Plus, if they come with special technology, you need it to be wired correctly to benefit from the nifty functional features completely.

9. Absorbent floors

You know you are living the luxurious life when you get out of the shower, and the floor absorbs the water that drips from your body. This is why absorbent floors are quite in demand.

There are different kinds of absorbent floors for bathrooms. You have diatomaceous earth tiles, which repel pests. You also have wood slats, which are commonly used in Japanese bathrooms. And, moss bathroom tiles too, which add a touch of nature to baths. All of these make sure that no puddles form at your feet when you get out of the shower.

10. Wall-mounted sink taps

Wall-mounted taps for sinks are not novel ideas, but they have made a strong comeback for bathroom designs. A lot of people appreciate how roomy the sinks are with the taps installed much higher on the wall instead of right on the sink.

No more bumping their hands or faces against the tap while washing up. Also, for parents with who bathe their babies in the sink, taps on the wall make it more convenient for them to wash their little ones.

So there – the top 10 bathroom design trends for modern homes. They all improve the beauty and function of such an important room in the house. Which of them are you keen on using for your bathroom makeover?

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