The Various Styles of Wood Burning Stoves


More and more UK homeowners are turning to wood burning stoves to provide their winter warmth, and there are a few different styles to match with the existing décor or theme. Despite the popularity of central heating, there is something about an open fire that is hard to define; the warmth and cosiness of a roaring fire and a stylish fireplace surround, go to make up a very warm ambience.

  • Traditional Wood Burning Stove – A relatively small stove that is cast in a traditional way, which is ideal for heating a small room, and this stove has a short burning time, so it heats up the room in no time at all. If you browse the reviewed wood burning stoves in Christchurch, you will find several traditional style wood burning stoves, and the supplier would issue a 15-year warranty with this product.
  • Contemporary Wood Burning Stoves – Aspect make a stunning range of contemporary wood burning stoves and they come in a range of sizes, with a large window that allows a clear view of the burning wood. In the event your home does not have a chimney, the stove supplier can create a flue that sends toxic fumes through ducting and outside of the home, and with many years of hands-on experience, the installation team can handle just about anything.

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Eco-Friendly Heating

Burning sustainable wood is a very eco-friendly way to heat your home, and wherever you happen to live in the United Kingdom, you will never be far from a log delivery company.















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