The Roles of Parents for Children as First-Time Home Buyers


All parents wish their children to live a stable life. Moreover, they want to witness their kids achieve various milestones in life. That includes having a house for themselves. As parents, they want to guide their children in buying a house without causing conflict or financial difficulties.

In this case, some parents often take action to help their kids buy a house. Parents want to ensure that there is no money wasted in this home buying. However, parents have to explain their purpose clearly so that their kids will not think of it as taking control.

Aside from that, it will be better for parents to share insights rather than being the decision-maker. In this case, parents should know their limits in their child’s housing welfare. You can let your adult child decide while remaining at their side to guide them in this chapter of their lives.

Parents Guiding Children in Home Buying

Parents love to see their children invest in things they can benefit from in the future. One of the best investments a child can have is a house. As parents, they want to ensure that their kids will not face conflicts while fulfilling this milestone. Here are a few tips parents can do to help their children:

Communicate with your children.

Your children may feel guilty or uneasy in accepting money from you. Buying a house may worry them, especially securing the down payment or monthly payment. For this reason, it is best to engage them to open up about it without feeling awkward at all.

Work with an expert.

As a parent, you can recommend your child to work with your trusted mortgage broker. These brokers know more details about the current mortgage loan rates. In this case, you can help your kids find the best possible deal for them.

Loan your child an amount to buy a home.

Loaning money to your child can make them feel less indebted to you. Aside from that, they will still have this feeling of control for their financial future. This option also allows your children to manage their finances. Meanwhile, you can set an agreement with your children to teach them how to fulfill their obligations on time.

Rent out a room in your home.

This condition often takes place in countries wherein children have to separate from parents upon reaching a certain age. Some kids tend to return to their parents’ homes. In this case, parents can rent out a room to their child within a timeline. This way, their kids can save money to buy a house, while they manage to earn money they can use to pay their mortgage.

Parents can also gift money for their child’s startup.

As parents, you can also give money to your child to help them buy a home. It can add to the fund they need to cover the down payment. In effect, your child can secure a better mortgage loan as well. Parents don’t have to pressure themselves to provide an amount they cannot reach. Children will feel at ease knowing that they don’t cause too much burden to their parents.

Buying a house for children.

Some families can afford to provide a home for their children. Their financial status is stable enough to give a house to their children. However, it is best to buy a house that your child will not feel indebted to for the rest of their lives. Aside from that, you have to be clear with your children that they still have to value money. They must know how to manage their finances by themselves.

Cosign and buy a house with your child.

Another option you can help your child is to cosign and buy a house. However, you have to make sure that your kids will pay on time. It is best to let your children understand the importance of maintaining a good credit score. They can take this mindset to manage their finances properly.

Selling or gifting your house to your child.

Some parents decide to sell or gift their house to their children. One reason is moving to downsize home in retirement. Aside from that, they also want to keep the property under a family member’s ownership. This option is the best choice for them to fill in these purposes.

It is difficult for parents to let go of their children that easily. Parents will support their kids as long as they can. However, it is a wiser choice to teach them how to face life’s battles by themselves. It is your best way to prepare your children for the real world. Aside from that, your guidance will remain in their hearts and minds.

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