The Rising Trend of Stone Tiles To Add Glamour To Your Homes


A few years ago, the stone look wall tiles were regarded to give an artificial look. Today the trends and fashion have changed and given rise to the popularity of stone-effect tiles for the walls for homes and offices. The continuous advancement in technology makes the stones look indistinguishable from the quarry materials. The Stone tiles effects are said to give a clutter-free feel to the homes.

The common features of stone-look wall tiles which make them a trending fashion today are:

  • The stone-tiles are durable and thicker than the porcelain wall tiles.
  • The stone tiles are available in varied patterns, designs, and sizes.
  • The stone-look wall tiles tend to give a very attractive look to the home bringing in a natural aesthetic impact which connects people to nature.
  • The stone tiles are corrosion-free, fire-resistant and hypoallergenic. It makes for much easier maintenance. It shows that they are quite cost-effective too.

The natural stone effect from porcelain tiles for flooring’s and walls

There are some porcelain tiles which are made in vinyl and grainy texture to give a stone look to the walls and floors. The natural stone effect wall tiles give a classic elegant design which appeals to most modern interiors and architects.

The porcelain stone-effect wall tiles are inspired by the different stones which exist and are created with high strength and extra beauty elements to get a contemporary finish.

Why stone look are tiles enjoying a high level of success?

The stone look effect wall tiles are said to create a beautiful, welcoming and elegant atmosphere to any setting. By making use of cutting-edge technology, the stone effect wall tiles are crafted and available in a range of different designs and colors to satisfy every need. Most proclaim stones tiles are crafted to give a stone look, and it is ideal for both indoors and outdoors.

It is not only the designs, patterns and colors of the tiles, which makes it so fascinating, but it is also the uniqueness it adds to the environment, which makes it so fascinating. Various stone shapes like triangle, rectangle or hexagon had made its way into the bathrooms for all sizes. Stone effect wall tiles are used indicatively to give the desired visually appealing arresting look. The hexagon-shaped tiles, for instance, with big graphic, bold prints are combined with color patterns to create a geometrically appealing stylish look.

The geometric shape stone look wall tiles are used indicatively to enhance particular areas of indoors or outdoors. For instance, the stone look wall tiles can form the spa area, or the makeup station or the artful accents in a large bathroom. The combination of the right colors, patterns and textures can bring the right stone look wall tiles effect, which is indeed a visual treat to the eyes.

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