The Home Buying Process Explained


There are expectations that come in while in the process of buying a home. This is normally a confusing time for a buyer because there are so many offers and counter-offers all over. It needs you to be prepared and requires energy input. You should be well prepared because it can really get into your nerves especially the paperwork but when you are willing to go through it, you will definitely appreciate your input in the end. Explained below are the basic expectations you may come across in the process of buying a home.

  1. Find A Home

First thing you are expected to do is to search and find a home. Make use of all the resources around you to find homes that are in the market. Some of these resources include; a real estate agent, searching for any Real estate listings that are in the internet and touring the neighborhoods that is of your interest and look around for houses bearing the sale signs. You may also put out some feelers with your friends, family and business contacts. You may be lucky to get a good reference to a home you may like.

Make sure you have an agent before walking into an open home while in the process of shopping for a home. You should therefore contact your own agent before meeting the seller’s agent because it may inconvenience you.

  1. Go With Your Budget

If your price range is limited, you can look for homes whose potential is not yet unleashed so that you may modify and furnish it later when you will have extra funds. A home should gather for you essential needs like location and its size. Therefore, the physical imperfections should not get in your way. You should look for a house that you could improve its value with time.

  1. Make An Offer

While making an offer for a Real Estate Property, you should first discuss it with your real estate agent and reach the amount of money you would like to offer for house purchase. The agent will then meet up with the seller’s agent and forward your offer together with any conditions you might have. The seller’s agent may agree to your offer or give a counter-offer. The agents will negotiate until they reach an agreement or decide to cancel the deal.

You should ensure that your budget would gather for all your needs before submitting an offer. For example, transport cost, any immediate repairs and the appliances that you must have before moving in. You should also plan so that you may not run out of funds due to unanticipated expenditure while settling in your new home like energy bills. You should have an idea of the average cost of energy bill on a monthly basis.

  1. Obtain A Home Inspection

It is important to have the home inspected by a professional. It may appear to be perfect but have it checked to ensure good quality, safety and any other condition for comfort in your new home.

This is because you may incur many expenses doing repairs, which is not appropriate. If there are too many repairs to be done that the seller’s agent did not reveal, you could step down from buying that home and request for your deposit. You may take the approach of negotiating with the seller agent to make the repairs or offer you a discount on the selling price.

  1. Close Or Move On

You should be prepared to close the deal if the inspection impressed you. If you also ware able to strike a deal with the sellers agent concerning the repairs you should complete the transaction. This is a series of signing paperwork. Remember to involve a legal counselor to go through the papers first and have faith that you will have a smooth complete transaction.

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