The Benefits of Cladding Your Home in Vinyl

If you want to resurface the exterior of your house, you have several different options. Many of your options will involve removing the old facade and applying a new one. That can be very expensive and very time-consuming. Instead of going through that, you should consider cladding your home in vinyl. The vinyl of the past was oftentimes very thin and low-quality. This has led many people to believe that vinyl looks cheap. In fact, the 21st-century vinyl is a very durable and resilient material that can make your home look great in only a few hours. You can have a professional apply vinyl to your home and make it look brand-new without removing the old facade.
The Cladding
Vinyl is material that is made from petroleum and used for many different surfaces. When it is very thin, it is used for weatherproof banners and signs. It can also weatherproof your home. Since it is flexible and moldable, it can be made to resemble wood as well. That will give your home the look of wood without any of the drawbacks. Vinyl cladding in Lismore is waterproof, corrosion-proof, and flame-resistant. Also, it is rot- and termite-proof.
Termites and rot are two of the biggest concerns with wooden facades. As the weather changes, the humidity and the heat can cause wood to swell and contract. As the humidity absorbs into the wood, it causes the wood to become damp. That creates damping in your house and also begins to rot the wood. Termites prefer to have damp wood for their homes. They will burrow into the wood and use mud to seal their holes. That is not the case with vinyl. Vinyl does not expand and contract as the temperature changes; furthermore, it is not edible by termites.
Vinyl is very low maintenance. Once it is applied, you do not need to paint or refinish it. The vinyl is dyed all the way through the material so that it will not fade and the colour will not chip. Over the years, it will still look as good as the day that it was applied. To clean vinyl, all you need is water and mild detergent if there is dirt ground into the surface. There are not crannies and crevices in the vinyl so you won’t need to scrub very hard to get it clean.
Many people choose to pressure wash their vinyl so that they can clean it hands-free. It will clean very quickly with very little trouble. The power of the pressure washer often pulls paint off of other kinds of surfaces. That’s not the case with vinyl. Vinyl will resist even the strongest pressure washing and look as good as new when you’re done.
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