The Benefits of Buying Wholesale Lighting


To create the kind of ambience and spaces that people want to be in, you’ll need to buy the right lighting. Buying wholesale lighting is one way that businesses can save money on fitting out their workspace. However, buying lighting from a wholesale distributor isn’t just for big companies anymore. If you’re a keen renovator who has a specific lighting scheme in mind, wholesale lighting distributors can help you create your dream space even on a tight budget. This article will take a look at some of the benefits of buying lighting in bulk from wholesale distributors.

Can Be Less Expensive Than Consumer Retail

If you’re attempting to fit out a large office building or a large home with a complex lighting scheme, buying retail likely won’t be the best choice. This is because retail stores that sell lighting will attempt to make the maximum amount of profit on single units of lighting. The wholesale model quite literally passes the savings onto the consumer, as they make their money on overall volume, not individual units. What this means is that when you buy wholesale lighting, the price per unit actually decreases as the total volume of your order increases.

This makes buying lighting from wholesalers an obvious choice for business owners or even homeowners who need a lot of lighting and lighting accessories fast, as wholesalers cut costs by selling in bulk and can deliver larger orders efficiently.


If you need to buy a large number of lights, picturing yourself trying to juggle armfuls of delicate light fittings and bulbs with only your two hands likely gives you anxiety. Another potential issue is that if you’re attempting to buy a lot of items from a retail store, they simply may not have the quantity you need in stock due to their limited floor space.

Buying wholesale lighting eliminates any hassles of having to manually handle a large number of lights on your own or to track down the number of lights you require in the first place. Wholesalers will typically have live stock counts on their websites so you can see if your order can be filled instantly. Even if the particular distributor is out of stock of the item you’re looking for, it can often be placed on backorder and fulfilled in a few weeks from your initial enquiry. Add in the convenience of having the lights delivered straight to your home or workplace and buying lighting from a wholesaler is truly a stress-free solution.

Better Product Variation

Lighting wholesalers are often able to negotiate deals with international product manufacturers much faster than their retail brand counterparts. This means that not only will wholesale lighting distributors stock the most recent lighting designs and types, but they’ll also have a greater variation in their product selections. This gives customers access to contemporary lighting schemes and technologies that the general public might be unaware of. It’s likely you’ll be able to test out new and innovative products before they hit the retail market and become staples in homes across Australia.

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