The 3 Advantages Of Liquid Floor Screed Over Its Nearest Competitor.


The purpose of liquid screed is to provide a smooth surface so that a suitable floor covering can be applied. In the past, it was a very manual labour-intensive job that took time and great effort to spread. You always ran the risk of it not being level, especially in the hard to reach corners. Now that we have liquid screed, building contractors are rejoicing because there is less labour needed to spread it out and it gets right into the corners all by itself. It saves the contractor quite a lot of money as salaries are reduced and the job is completed right, the first time. Sand, cement screed used to be chosen, but now liquid floor screed has taken over.

Contractors use liquid floor screed in Hayling Island because it provides a smoother, more level surface which is better when you want to apply a final floor finish. It holds a number of advantages over its sand cement counterpart.

  1. It takes less time to install the liquid floor screed and you also need less workers to spread it out. It can be installed up to 10 times faster than cement screed and that’s why it is popular with contractors.
  2. The depth of the screed is vastly reduced, which means if you intend to install under floor heating, then the floor will allow the heat to pass through into the property quickly. This will reduce heating bills significantly.
  3. Because it’s a reduced depth, it means that it dries more quickly and you should be able to walk on it after about 24 hours after installation.

Liquid screed is definitely the smarter and more efficient way of adding that perfect floor covering in your home or business.







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