Tasks of water restoration contractor


When your house experience water damage, it needs skilled plumber to solve the problem as soon as possible to prevent more damage. Causes of water damage are many such as burst or leaked pipes, malfunction of appliances, blocked sewage, overflow toilet or flooding basement, need immediate repair.  When your house experiences flood, it needs skilled flood restoration contractors to tackle the situation professionally.

There are many causes of flooding water in a building, such as heavy rain, storm, hail, overflow of river and hurricane. Unfortunately, flood causes a lot of destruction outside as well as inside the buildings and need to be dealt with on emergency basis to stop further damage.

Dealing with these situations on your own is very frustrating and time taking work for us. This situation needs professionals to do the work properly. These restoration contractors know how much flood water damages your building structure and what can be done to mitigate the damage by acting quickly. 

The flood water restoration workers have the experience to deal with the flood situation with right knowledge, tools and skills. On the other hand, if a general contractor is hired, he focuses merely on the construction and remodeling of the building instead of saving it from the severe damage from flooding. 

The water restoration technicians dry out water with humidifiers and air blowers and check for any traces of water with the help of moisture detector. Bacteria and mold grow quickly in humid atmosphere, harmful for health. The professionals use thermal imaging and chemical testing equipment to detect the source and identify the severity of damage. 

Water damages the structure of building in various ways, such as mold spore, corrode material, cracking and swelling of wooden floor and fixtures, fault of electrical gadgets and rusty pipes. This is called Secondary water damage and its effects are often preventable. That is why it is important to deal with flood water restoration professionally on emergency basis.

If water is absorbed by porous material, it may create severe damage which is hard to detect and may appear after many years.

Initial water damage is called primary damage and their bad effects can be identified instantly.

Drying out completely takes many days, to speed up the process, the water restoration technicians use high strength fans wet vacuums and humidifiers. In case the flood water is contaminated, your house needs special cleaners, sanitizers and deodorizers. 

House contains many household items like furniture, carpets, electrical appliances, clothes, kitchen ware any personal belongings, which damages after getting soaked in flood water. Many things are unsalvageable and need discarding. The workers use special cleaning agents to clean and sanitize the remaining objects. 

Some things are hard to repair and need special treatment for example HVAC system, ducts, sewage system, foundation, built in furnace and roofing. Many things may need to replace if the damage is irreparable.

The flood restoration contractor work with you to recover the expenses of repair and restoration from your insurance company. Some can even bill them directly for your convenience.

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