Making A Backyard Getaway: Seven Ideas And Inspiration


People everywhere are searching for ways to disconnect from their busy lives and stressors, and there’s no better way to do this than with a good, old-fashioned backyard getaway. Whether you want to unwind by yourself or enjoy the company of friends and family, taking steps to create the perfect backyard getaway will help make your backyard retreat one that you return to every time.

Put in a hot tub, or simply lay out some patio furniture, there are several key steps you can take to create the ideal relaxation spot in your backyard. Use these seven tips on creating the perfect backyard getaway to make your space one that you and your friends and family will be able to enjoy all summer long!

1. Make It a Family Affair

It’s easy to get in a routine and stick to what you know—but spending more time with your loved ones is worth stretching yourself creatively. If you like entertaining, invite friends over for a weekly barbecue. If grilling isn’t your thing, invite everyone over for pizza night or game night instead. Whatever you do, don’t go overboard on schedule; you want to have time to truly enjoy each other’s company!

2. Think Big to Fit Small Spaces

Getting comfortable in a small space doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your style or eliminating your outdoorsy decor. To breathe new life into your backyard oasis, start by making a list of items that are most important to you. If you love gazing at stars while lounging on a comfy daybed, choose a patio set with some built-in storage, so it can tuck out of sight when not in use.

3. Take Care of Your Yard Space

It’s significant to consider what you want to do with your yard space before investing time and money into it. Since many backyard getaways are situated alongside a garden or patio, there should be enough room to have a sitting area, as well as tables and chairs that can convert from the outside dining area to an indoor lounge. If you’re planning on entertaining family and friends, it might be beneficial to have different sections of your yard designated for each activity.

Also, don’t forget to maintain it. You’ll need to remove your trees to maintain their health while preventing potential branches from falling over their intended areas. Removing dead or old trees may protect against termites entering beneath your grounds and seeking shelter inside hardwood logs. It is noticeable during the spring months when dead wood is replaced by new sprouts throughout tree groves. Removing old trees and placing them in new ones can save you from future accidents since old trees can be a safety issue.

4. Design Around Your Furniture

Before you do anything else, think about your existing patio furniture. If it’s not comfortable enough or doesn’t look great anymore, don’t force yourself to keep it. Picking out new furniture can be a fun project, but spend some time thinking about what will work in your space before you start shopping. You may find that you have more options than expected. Instead of buying new patio chairs, for example, try re-covering an old chair with cushion material if you need extra seating.

5. Add Drama with Outdoor Lighting

One of our favorite ways to make a backyard space more relaxing is with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting can help create an atmosphere that’s simultaneously cozy and dramatic; it will draw people in and create a sense of luxury or glamour, which is exactly what you want in your backyard getaway. One of our favorite sources for outdoor lighting is The Lighting Superstore, whose large selection makes shopping for just about any type of fixture easy.

6. Get Creative with Surroundings and Materials

When most people think of backyard getaways, they envision a pool or hot tub. But you don’t have to be a home-renovation guru to create a relaxing oasis in your backyard. Just let your imagination run wild—and embrace some creativity! That means getting creative with materials, as well as surroundings.

Even something as simple as lighting can impact ambiance; hanging lights from trees at night is sure to set a cozy mood. These days, it’s easy to find nature all around us. Even backyards are becoming verdant retreats instead of barren spaces.

7. Create Coziness with Comfy Seating Arrangements

Make your backyard a relaxing space by adding comfortable seating arrangements. You’ll want to include patio or deck chairs and tables, as well as soft pillows or cushions. Add a hammock or a swing if you’d like to maximize relaxation potential.

While having a backyard getaway may seem like something only the rich can afford, these simple tips will help you create your own relaxing space. If you’re already equipped with a garden and an outdoor dining area, then all you have to do is bring in some deck chairs or comfortable sofas to instantly turn your yard into a place of relaxation.

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