Major Home Renovation Tips for Aussies


Some home renovations are safe enough for everyone in the family to participate in. Then there are some types of remodelling projects that can be as complex as building a new house. If your home renovation project involves tearing down walls, installing new windows, breaking up patios, or building new levels altogether, then that’s major project. Homeowners should carefully plan and budget for major home renovations. There are various safety and feasibility issues that might pop up along the way. Not to mention the difficulty of keeping kids and pets away. Therefore, here are several useful tips for handling major home renovation projects with ease:

Don’t Plan on Demolishing Concrete on Your Own

If the renovation projects require breaking up a patio or artificial ground like a pond, don’t take out the jackhammer just yet. Carefully assess the situation first. Even if the cemented area is relatively small in size, it’s recommended to hire a professional concrete cutting Adelaide service. Breaking up cement on your own can be very risky. There are obvious safety issues like shrapnel flying everywhere. But there are also other issues like damaging the environment or structural integrity of the rest of the house. Professionals can remove cement without hammering the made-up structures into pieces. For example, there’s a neat way to remove concrete using high water pressure that major construction contractors use. This method can be very useful for big renovation or remodelling projects at home as well.

Mind What’s Underground

Thinking about digging up a swimming pool in the backyard? First, stop and take out the plans for the home. Make sure there are no significant structures, like septic tanks or pipelines installed underground. If you are hiring outside contractors for the job, they should assess the ground before digging in. Take the necessary steps to avoid structural damage as much as possible.

Make Sure You Don’t Need a Permit

Want to install a new room in the house? First, make sure you don’t need a permit for that. You will have to check with your local city or municipal council to find out what type of structural changes require getting a permit. Do this first to avoid having to demolish what you have painstakingly built later. Always check the local bylaws regarding home constructions to avoid getting into trouble later. You can easily check this online.

Have Your Home Evaluated Professionally

Before building, it’s highly recommended to have your home professionally evaluated. A professional can check the structure of your home and tell you how the planned renovations would affect the overall structure. If any replacements or changes are needed, you will be notified too. So, don’t speculate about this. Even a small mistake could cost you as much as a new house later.

Budget Everything

Don’t plan to cut corners when it comes to building your home. It supposed to last for decades so do spend your money wisely. Start with a budget and don’t make sudden changes in the middle of the project unless seriously called for.

Additionally, expect the renovation period to be somewhat uncomfortable. You will have to cover living areas to protect kids and stuff from effects such as dust. It’s best to think things through and plan to live somewhere close by until most of the heavy work is done, especially if you have small children or pets.

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