Inexpensive Yard Fences That Are Surprisingly Effective


The benefits of a quality fence around your property are unmatched. Besides improved privacy and security, a fence marks your property boundaries, not to forget that it serves decorative purposes.

Whichever the reason for installing a fence, you should invest your time, effort, and resources to ensure that it serves its main purpose, to protect your property.

The best part is that you do not have to break the bank to put up an effective fence. Check out these inexpensive yard fences that are surprisingly effective.

Treated Wood Fence

One of the most common yet cheap fences is the treated pine wood panels fence. The panels are made to resist rots and pests so you can trust that the fence will serve its purpose and do it for the longest time.

The cost of wood pine panels ranges between $10 and $20 per linear foot and the best part is that you can erect them by yourself to make a functional fence. Therefore, you save on the wood and cost of installation.

Wrought Iron Fence

If you are going for vintage, you should try out the wrought iron fence. Iron has been used for decades and never goes out of fashion. You will achieve dramatic yet stylish decor, plus maximum privacy. The iron is rot and warp-resistant so you are assured of getting value for money.

The balusters cost between $20 and $30 per linear foot, which is quite fair considering the value you get from the fence.

Chain Link Fences

Chain links are the best choice for individuals who wish to fence big yards but are on a tight budget. They cost $10 to $20 per linear foot.

The only drawback however is that you get less privacy but security is guaranteed. Chain links will effectively keep intruders and pests out of your yard.

Even better, you can improve privacy by planting vines around the chain links. You can also improve the appearance of the fence by applying oil-based paint of your preferred color.

Check out this article for more info on how to install and repair chain links to save more dollars.

Corrugated Fences

There is no better way to save money than by recycling old materials to come up with amazing new products. Fences are not an exception. You can recycle materials around your home or head to a recycling station for cheap, practical materials such as old barn or metals to use around your yard.

If not, go for corrugated panels, which are not only easily accessible but also super affordable. The panels are not attractive at first, but you can paint them black or select your desired color to create an irresistible modern look. The panels cost anywhere between $10 and $12 per linear foot.

Split Rail

You cannot think of inexpensive fences without split rail hitting your mind. With as little as $3, you are good to get started on your fencing journey.

Split rails are relatively cheap, not to forget super easy to install. They are the best for keeping corral animals away and indicate property boundaries.

What’s more? You can save more by making your own rails rather than purchasing them ready to use. You will love the rustic feel of the material which brings the oldie vibes.

Bamboo Fence

If you live in a warm region, the bamboo fence should be your go-to option as you can easily grow it yourself. It will only take you a few months before the bamboo reaches your desired height and you can cut it down, and dry it before putting up the fence.

If you lack the space or time, you can purchase pre-made bamboo rolls. Expect to spend an average of $10 per linear foot.

Which Is the Best Fence for Your Yard?

With so many available cheap fence ideas, identifying the best choice for your yard can be daunting. Some important factors to consider during your selection include:

The Cost of Fencing

If you are here, chances are that you are on a tight budget. Cost should therefore top your list of aspects to consider when choosing the ideal fence.

To calculate the total cost, check the cost of material per linear foot. You should then check the size of your yard to determine the average total cost of the fence. Compare fencing prices before settling on the one you can comfortably afford.


Just because it is cheap does not mean that you should put up an ugly-looking fence. The fence should serve its decorative purpose.

You have a range of cheap but beautiful fencing materials to choose from. You can also come up with creative ways to improve the aesthetics of the fence without breaking the bank.


Privacy is a top concern especially for homeowners in the urban and suburban areas. Make sure the fencing material you choose gives your property maximum barrier from the streets. If not, think of ways to enhance privacy without compromising the purpose of the fence.


Some homeowners prefer using fence panels for accessibility. With such fences, you do not have to go through the gate to access the yard.


The main purpose of a fence is to keep pests and intruders at bay. Invest in a fencing material that can offer that, while putting all the other highlighted factors into consideration.

Improve Your Home With Functional But Inexpensive Yard Fences

If money is your excuse for not fencing your yard, the above guide on inexpensive yard fences will help you secure your property at a reasonably low price.

However, you should not make hasty decisions when choosing the ideal fence type. As much as you want to save a few bucks, make sure the material you choose meets its intended purpose. You can save further by taking up the fencing project by yourself rather than hiring experts.

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