How To Bring Your Carpets And Rugs Back To Life Again.


When you go into any home or any business premises throughout the United Kingdom and look down, you are bound to find carpet as the floor covering of choice in most rooms, if not the whole building. Carpet has been popular here for hundreds of years and it will continue to be because of its sturdy construction and the many colours and patterns that you can get it in. It’s almost impossible not to be able to find a carpet or a rug that won’t match the colour plan that you have chosen for your rooms.

Like everything in life, carpets and rugs get old and lose their colour and pattern due to excessive sunlight on a large footfall. Either way, there is no need to pull the carpet up and replace the rug, because there are specialist companies that can apply carpet dye in London to get everything looking great again.

  • The dye can be applied to areas of your carpet that have suffered due to a spillage of wine or bleach and it will restore all the original colours back again.
  • Any rugs that you have in your home or business can be restored as well, bringing back the patterns, that attracted you to it in the first place.
  • Once completed, you can usually start walking on the carpet again quite quickly and the colour will stay firmly on the carpet.

Don’t throw away your older rugs or pull up your carpets, just get them attended to by your local carpet dye specialist.

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