Guide to choosing a whole house water filter


Clean water is essential for our health, and having it readily available in your home is a privilege that  helps our sanitation. However, it’s a mistake to think that all water coming out of a tap is safe. Being health conscious, you’ll want a water filter or purification system. No matter where you look, you’re likely to find a manufacturer claiming that their whole house water filter is the best that’s out there. However, there are certain features that you’ve got to look out for that distinguish some from the rest, and you have got to keep in mind your specific needs. Each house has a different amount of baths, showers, a different water flow, and more. For that reason, your water needs are going to differ from the needs of someone else, so you are going to have to buy a whole house water filter with that in mind. Here are some of the main factors when you’ve got to keep in mind when choosing and installing a whole house water filter:

  • How many people are living in your house: The more the people that live in your house, the higher the average water usage is going to be. Having an idea of the average usage is extremely important in determining what size water filtration system will best suit the water usage needs of your home. The more people that live in the house, the larger the size of the water filtration system should be.
  • How high a flow rate you think you’ll need: Many people generally want to turn on the water flow and get the highest flow rate possible. However, water has to spend a good amount of time with the media (of the filter) in order to effectively get rid of the contaminants. If you insist on having a high flow rate, then you’ll probably want to buy a larger filtration system – but remember, these are more expensive. If you’ve got a large family, and expect to be running multiple showers at once, then you’ll either want a large filtration system, or you’ll want to run several smaller systems in parallel.
  • What is in your water?: In order to find out what system will best suit you, it is a good idea to find out what type of chemicals are in your water. You can generally find this out by finding an “Annual Water Quality Report” from your water supplier’s website. If you’ve got lead in your water, then you’ll want a system that can combat that. If your city water has got Chloramine in it, then you’ll need a system that uses catalytic carbon. If your water has simply got chlorine in it, then granular activated carbon would work.

It is a good idea to get a professional to come and assess your individual situation if you’re not too confident with your convictions. To find out more about whole house water filters, be sure to check

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