Garage Door Updates: Why You Need Garage Door Maintenance


In the US, garage door installation is a $379.7 million industry. Experts further predict the market’s value to grow by at least 2% this 2021.

One reason behind that growth is the rising number of home improvement projects in the US. Market analysts say that spending on renovations and remodeling will go up this 2021.

Some of those projects will likely take the form of garage door updates. After all, the garage is now one of America’s favorite rooms.

To get the most out of those updates, though, you need routine garage door maintenance. We’ll share the top reasons why maintaining this specific door is crucial, so be sure to read on.

Prevent Safety Hazards

A lack of garage door maintenance can result in your door not closing all the way. It may also shake, wobble, or create a racket as it opens and closes.

Such issues can occur when the door’s rollers and tracks accumulate dirt, debris, and grime. The filth build-up can hamper the door’s movement, which is why your door may not be operating properly.

A lack of lubrication can also hasten the corrosion of garage door components. These include the rollers, tracks, and chains in chain-driven garage door openers.

Either way, an ill-maintained garage door can be a serious safety hazard since it can collapse. It can then crush anything, or worse, anyone who may be right below when it does give way.

Do note that about 30,000 people in the US get injured each year in their garages. Some of these incidents are due to faulty garage doors.

So, to keep your garage door safe and efficient, have a professional service and tune it up at least once a year. You can also have the technician update some garage door components, such as the rollers. Today’s high-quality nylon and steel rollers cost just a few bucks a pop, but they can last for a decade or longer.

Keep Property Damage At Bay

A garage door that collapses may not hurt anyone, but it’s sure to cause major property damage. Keep in mind that a single garage door can weigh over 100 pounds. That weight, fueled by gravity, can pulverize your garage floor.

So, never underestimate the importance of garage door maintenance and repairs. These articles have tips that can help you get started with your garage door maintenance. However, if your garage door is nearing its 10th year, it may make more sense to replace the entire system.

Reduce Home Security Risks

A garage door that doesn’t lock or fully close may only have misaligned rollers or tracks. A garage door maintenance expert can realign, clean, and lubricate these parts for you. The garage door specialist will ensure that your door fully closes and locks.

You want those services completed ASAP; otherwise, you may become a victim of burglary.

According to experts, one in three robbery cases involves unlawful entry. Burglars can illegally enter your garage door if its lock no longer engages. They can also take advantage of a non-fully closing door by raising it so that they can crawl into your garage.

Maintenance Is Key To Maximize Garage Door Updates

As you can see, garage door updates don’t always require replacing the door itself. You can keep the existing one, but at the very least, you should upgrade its rollers and maintain its tracks.

That way, you can extend the life of not just your garage door but also your property. Most importantly, a well-maintained garage door will have fewer safety and security risks.

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