Can I Save Money By Not Getting An Annual Boiler Service?


A home’s hot water system is one easily forgotten. For many, the boiler works until it doesn’t. In almost every home the boiler system is utilised each day. Within the UK, with months of cold weather, the boiler often has the challenge of heating your entire home. As with any piece of equipment, it requires maintenance. If this maintenance is delayed or not performed at all, you are simply waiting for a fault to occur. When this happens, it can be extremely costly. Not only can the repairs of a boiler be expensive but, in some cases, can cause major damage to a home too, as is often seen with burst pipes.

This is especially frustrating because boiler issues can be prevented and their lifespan extended very easily. There are many practises you may employ to achieve this. One of the most basic preventative measures is simply being familiar with the workings of your boiler and water system. Are you aware of the appropriate pressure for your boiler? Do you know how to bleed a radiator? Where does your condensing pipe run? Knowing the answer to these questions may help you avoid common issues as you may catch a developing problem.

While much of this may be learned from your boiler’s manual, the equipment and individual parts of your water system work everyday. As such, their deterioration is inevitable. Much like a car, which requires regular checks and maintenance, a boiler system benefits greatly from annual attention. Seeking professional assistance can help you to extend your boiler’s life. Those looking to save money, however, it may be difficult to see the benefit in the cost of a plumber.

It may seem counterintuitive to spend money on your boiler when it continues to work. However, the cost of repairs far outweighs the cost of maintenance. The small price of annual boiler maintenance is not only preferable to the sudden cost of repairs but also to the possible compromise and damage of your belongings. Keeping your boiler running efficiently and to the best of its ability will save you money on your energy bills. Then, when it becomes time to replace your boiler, you will have the foresight to predict when this will happen allowing you to prepare financially for it.

If it is difficult to envision spending a single payment to support your boiler, then consider spreading the cost out over the course of the year. If you are looking for Boiler Repair and Installation in Southampton then you can find services that will offer annual boiler maintenance at a low cost, such as £6 per month. By opting to take care of your boiler each year, you will save money in the long term. It may not be the first expenditure you consider but it will be the first you are thankful for in the case of a breakdown. It will also mean you don’t have to ever spend time worrying about your home being without hot water or heating.

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