Brief information about water quality need at Home


The need for water is imperative for any living being whether it is animal, plant or human. However, for humans, the need for pure water is more important as the majority of the water sources are polluted now. Purified and clean water is a must that the human body requires as a must to lead a healthy life. But with certain unruly activities of the human being and mostly after civilization has been the part of the lives of the people, the serenity of the natural sources are contaminated which is now leading to the deterioration of the quality of water or air we are exposed to.

This is not only just triggering the breaking out of diseases amongst the families but also is the matter of utmost concern. Due to this, the availability of the filters is a must. Here are some of the information that one must know about the filters and the work they do to get the perfect filter installed in the home as per the requirement.


RO stands for Reverse Osmosis and the filters with RO function with the implementation of the reverse osmosis. Under the process of reverse osmosis the water is passed through the pump so that the pressure of the water can be increased and after the completion of the process, the water is then passed through an RO membrane which is semi-permeable. In this process, the hard water is made soft and becomes fit for the consumption. The only issue with this filter is the wastage of a lot of water.


UV stands for Ultraviolet, and this is something that is used to kill microorganisms as well as other contaminating particles. Filters with the UV formula have a UV tube where the water is passed to treat make it free of the contaminants. This is always the most advisable filter to be used. One can also make the use of the Aquaguard UV filter as the Aquaguard AMC charges Delhi is quite depressed one.


UF stands for Ultra Filtration, and as the name suggests, this is the ultra-formula of the filtration of the water. The filters with UF formula have a hollow fibre threaded membrane. This helps in the removal of the suspended solids and soluble materials in the water. This is also the most effective way to make the water free of the materials which have quite larger molecular weight. The main advantage of using the filter is that it works without the use of electricity. Aquguard is always preferable, and this is so because the aquaguard AMC charges Delhi is quite low.

So these are some of the things that one must know exactly to figure out the kind of filter to be installed in the home. One can install the perfect filter if he knows the kind of impurities contaminating the water and secondly the functioning of the filters. The information mentioned above can be of great help to the users for sure to figure out to construct a basic idea about the functioning of the filters.

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