3 Tips to Save on Garbage Removal at Construction Sites


The truth is, construction waste counts for a huge part of the total waste in our country. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), around 600 million tons of construction debris are generated in the US every year.

If you manage a construction site or you are doing construction on your home, you probably know that lots of waste is involved, and you may be looking for a solution to make cleanup easier.

The good news is that there are simple ways to save on garbage removal at construction sites. Keep reading for three debris removal tips that are sure to save you time and money!

  1. Rent Large Construction Dumpsters

If you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to removing debris – this is it. A dumpster rental can save you from the hassle of figuring out what to do with all your construction debris.

When you rent a dumpster from a professional garbage removal company, they will handle much of the work for you. They will bring your dumpster to the construction site and leave it for you to fill at your own pace.

As a construction project progresses, you can put all of the garbage and waste into the dumpster. It will remain at the construction site until it is filled or until you ask the company to retrieve the dumpster.

The garbage removal company will then pick up the dumpster and take care of removing the garbage for you. It’s as simple as that!

  1. Give Away and Repurpose Items

During your renovation or construction project, there may be waste that others would probably find useful. From small scraps to leftover lumber, there are many ways to repurpose these items. Even excess rubble or gravel can easily be used as a fill for a foundation.

You may want to save items like these for future DIY projects or construction projects or give them away to someone who can use them.

Plus, giving away items can actually help you save on garbage removal services.

An easy idea to give these items away is to create an area where interested people can come and grab the junk that would otherwise go to the dump, similar to a yard sale.

  1. Recycle and Reuse Materials

Another way to get rid of construction debris while caring for the planet is to recycle and reuse your materials.

Hiring a recycling company can be a good investment on a construction site. They can help sort through and recycle or get rid of the waste.

Reusing your materials can also save you from spending money for materials on your next project!

Start Saving on Garbage Removal Today

Garbage removal after an extensive renovation or construction project can feel like a hassle. We hope these three tips can help make the process easier for you to start saving on garbage removal.

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