What is Involved When Unblocking a Drain?


This is a question that many UK homeowners ponder, especially when they realise that their drains are no acting as they usually do, and without the right equipment, you are unlikely to carry out an effective fix. Even if you have the good fortune to locate the blockage, it is likely to be in a place that is hardly accessible, and more often than not, you only makes things worse by trying a home fix.

Identifying the Blockage

It might be a partial blockage that is caused by a gradual build-up of matted hair and soap residue, or it could be due to invasive tree roots that have caused a drain pipe to collapse, and once you have located the problem area, you then have to work out how best to clear the blockage.

Professional Solution

Most homeowners will call certified drain services in East London who can quickly deal with a blocked drain, and without causing too much damage, which is a very important point. Years ago, the entire garden might have to be dug up to find the blocked section, yet modern methods include the use of CCTV buggies that are sent down into the drains to give the technician a clear picture of the interior pipe linings.

Potential Causes

A blocked drain ca be caused by any of the following:

  • Build-up of soap residue
  • Human Hair
  • Trapped Food Waste
  • Invasive Tree Roots

It isn’t worth the effort to try and locate and unblock a drain, which is why you are advised to let the professionals work their magic, and with a clean bill of health, your drainage system will give you many more years of trouble-free use.

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