Protect your Business Assets with Total Access Control


Whether you run a small retail outlet or a large office complex, there are staff members who have access to certain parts of the business premises, but not to others. One way to control this is to issue keys to authorised personnel, but keys are bulky and can easily get lost, which is also a security risk, yet there is another hi-tech method that allows you total control over who accesses what, and this is called a total access control system.

Card Entry

Perhaps the simplest form of total access control is to issue authorised personnel with a plastic card that has an electronic strip on one side, and when the card is swiped through the locking mechanism, the door opens. One could also use a keypad system, where a password is manually entered by the employee, although it is possible for another employee to watch a person enter their password, thus giving them access at any time. There are excellent local access control systems suppliers in Dudley who can suggest the best method of controlling access to your business premises and they can be found with an online search.

Biometric Solutions

It is possible to use fingerprint scanning to control access, and as we all have unique fingerprints, you can be sure that no unauthorised access will be granted. Biometric access control can use:

  • Fingerprint scan
  • Retina scan
  • Facial recognition

It is also possible to have voice activated access, although this technology is not yet developed enough to reach the consumer, and would be costly when compared to other systems.

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