Top Tips To Decorate Your Home


Interior designers do not work with a secret rule book. They do not operate with any hard and fast rules. They simply use their creativity, intuition and imagination to create beautiful spaces in the home.

Having said that, there are also some rough principles that can guide a decorator. They are tried and tested principles. But they do not need years to master and anybody can follow these from day one.
Here are some tips to decorate your room as per home decoration ideas in Hindi:

  • Select the paint last-In the market there are thousands of colors of paint with different shades, tones and tints. Each of these appears different from one room or home to another based on lighting differences. You may desire the color that complements your rug, art work and upholstery. Thus you can choose the right paint only when all your stuff is already placed in the room.
  • Give breathing room for your furniture-Abstain from overcrowding a room. Gracious living implies space to move about easily. This is a good tip, particularly if you are working on a budget. There is no need to fill up the space in your room with excessive items of furniture. Spend your money on a few attractive pieces and it will look better than if you stuff the room with many finds from the flea market.
  • Hang works of art at the proper height-Museums and galleries hang works of art such that the center (midline) of all pieces is from 57” to 60” (inches), measured from the floor. (The average level of human eye is 57 inches). You must follow the same principles. Hanging art must be based on human scale rather than the structural scale of the room. To be sure, you can take a photo and use Photoshop to get an idea.
  • Arrange furniture properly on a rug-You can place rugs in a room in 3 ways. The first way is to place rug such that all legs of furniture rest on it. This looks luxurious and works on the principle-larger, the better. Take care to leave around 12 inches off the floor surface on all four sides of the border of the rug. In the second type, the rug must look like that it could touch the front legs of the every seating piece. In the third type, put only the front feet of all your seating furniture for visually tying the arrangement and create an open and well defined space.
  • Avoid the urge to over-emphasize on a theme-Over-focusing on a theme is a common practice and so it lacks originality. So design your room in such a way that you avoid obvious clichés.
  • Stress on a focal point-In the field of design, it is good to focus on a particular item or feature and this can be used to anchor the design of a room. Give other items a secondary role to avoid visual noise. Examples of focal points in your room can be an art piece in the living room, headboard in a bed room or a hood in the kitchen.

These are some tips gleaned from online sources of tips for home decoration in Hindi.

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