Tips on How to Find Expert Joiners


Picking the right joinery company is essential to ensure your project is a success. It doesn’t have to be a challenging process if you take these key points into consideration.

Word of Mouth

One of the most trusted methods of finding a good craftsman is to speak to someone who has had work done in their own home. You may be able to find a friend, work colleague or family member who can recommend a reputable company in your area.

Search Online

If word of mouth isn’t working, you can always turn to the internet and do a little research online. For example, you can type in “best stair renovation Bodmin” and see what results you get. Once you’ve found a few businesses in your community, you can then enter their names in a search engine and look for online reviews.

Trade Associations

If a company is professional and reliable, most of the time they’ll be signed up with trade associations such as the British Woodworking Association or the FSC. If they aren’t associated with any federation or organisation, they may be a cowboy firm. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a reputable company.

  • Federation membership
  • Detailed Website
  • Numerous contact details & business address
  • References & recommendations

Along with the points mentioned above, you should also be aware of cold callers. A quality joinery will be booked well in advance without the need to call you or knock on your door trying to sell their services.

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