Career Paths You Can Explore After Your Training As A Welder


Learning to become a welder is a very rewarding experience. Welding is a method of permanently joining two metal parts and make it one. welders can have the option to enter many career paths, which is what makes it a very versatile thing to learn. However, you might be wondering what career paths are available to you and they all offer very attractive salaries. Here are a few career paths that you can choose if you decide to become a welder.

Ship Repairs

There are many career opportunities that welders can find in the shipping industry. Many ships require repairs, and a welder is very needed in those situations. Shipyards and ship construction also heavily require welders to be present in any building or repairs. You can opt to get small or big contracts from these places, some lasting for only a few months while some lasting up to several years. This allows you to have a handle on your work schedule while getting a nice salary from it, too.

The Military

When you think about the military, there’s a lot of metal work involved there. Military vehicles, infrastructures, and equipment will constantly need repairs. While the work available may vary, there will always be a need for a welder. Because of all the work needed, a welder can easily move from one project to another without worrying about not having work. They also provide a substantial salary to their welders.

In the military, a lot of maintenance is also required. Majority of the vehicles, equipment, and infrastructures go through a lot of wear and tear. Welders will be needed regularly to keep everything working properly.

Pipeline repair, maintenance, and installation

Wherever pipes need to be installed and repaired, welders are definitely needed at every moment. Pipes are almost always made out of metal nowadays, so it’s the perfect place for a welder to step in and get the job done. Commonly, you would see a need for welders to install and repair pipelines in areas that are more remote in the country. This would be a good chance to travel and see new places while earning money at the same time.

Underwater Welding

This form of welding is highly specialized, which means you need to have either a special license to do this or a great amount of experience as a welder. These welders get to go all over the world to installing and doing repairs at the bottom of the ocean. Not only would you get to travel, but you get to see what it’s like under the deep blue sea. It’s highly in demand all over the world and not to mention offers a very rewarding salary.

Welding is a great thing to take up and learn because of all of the career paths that it opens up for you. Almost all the careers in welding are always high in demand for new welders and always

offer nice salaries to even newbies. If you’re thinking about learning a new talent for a new career, you should definitely consider welding.

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