Everything to Consider When Buying Tables for Patios


Almost 59 percent of homes included patios as of 2017. By 2019, that number had climbed about one percent, proving that patios and other outdoor living areas continue to be popular.

Every person’s idea of the perfect patio setup is different. Some prefer a classical design, while others prefer a brightly colored modern theme. The elements of design are always the same, however.

The centerpiece of every perfect patio is the table. The table offers a place to sit on quiet nights or eat with family and friends.

But how can you choose the best tables for patios? Continue reading to learn everything you need to consider.

What Style Are You Looking For?

Everyone has their own tastes in decoration. Some want a solid oak table top, while others prefer glass. Figure out what style you’d like the table and complimenting seating to be.

How Much Seating Do You Need?

If you’re a couple who spends most of their time at home alone, seating for two to four would be adequate. However, if you’re a large family who often entertains company, you may need seating for twelve or more. It’s recommended you round up slightly when considering seating to accommodate potential guests.

How Much Space Does Your Patio Have?

You don’t want your table (or tables) to take up all your patio space. Instead, you’ll want your tables to take up half your patio or less. This leaves plenty of room for everyone to move around.

Are the Materials Durable?

All materials used in your outdoor areas should be durable enough to withstand the typical weather conditions in your area. These materials include not only the table base but also the chair cushions and tabletop.

Are the Tables and Chairs Comfortable?

The table should be a comfortable height for an average adult and offer plenty of legroom. The chairs should be made of durable material that provides adequate comfort during long periods of sitting. Comfortable seating will help make your patio the relaxing area you’re hoping for.

Do You Require Shade?

If your patio isn’t covered, you may need a table that can provide shade. Many are built with a hole in the middle, meant to support an umbrella. If your patio is covered, this likely isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.

What’s Your Budget?

Before shopping around for the perfect tables for patios, you’ll want to set a budget. This helps you narrow down the potential choices. It also ensures you don’t overspend.

More Questions About Buying Tables for Patios?

If you consider the above when buying tables for your patio, you can ensure you find the perfect one. Above all else, staying within a budget and considering the available space are essential. Also important is ensuring the materials used are both comfortable and durable.

Do you have more questions about buying tables for patios?

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